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With S.H.I.E.L.D. at its limits and the Ultimates one man down, Nick Fury's having a little trouble maintaining the super in super power. As a new kind of threat looms over the weakening empire, will Fury have something up his sleeve? Creative masterminds Jonathan Hickman and Esad Ribic bring back the Ultimates in all their blazing glory!


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Gods fall, as a new Ragnarok emerges. 0

Synopsis: A battle between the Gods and science.What's Good?Hickman delivers a treat in this issue. It's a battle between Gods and science. The story focused more on Thor than anything else that was going on with the world. The Children of Tomorrow proves to be a bigger threat then I originally thought. Their concept and way of life is something only Hickman could tell. Mr. Fantastic, now known as The Maker, has revealed some interesting things about The Children of Tomorrow, stating that it's b...

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"Grow New Eyes To Better See" 0

When last we saw The Ultimates, they were in a bad place. Reed Richards and the Children of Tomorrow had arrived and Reed's desire to "solve everything" would surely lead to an attack on the world of a scope beyond measure.In fact, the craziest thing about this comic is that the Children of Tomorrow are so freakishly strong that I wonder how this could possibly end well for the Ultimate Universe.A society grown and evolved in isolation, Reed's Children are no longer hermetically sealed and are s...

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So much for the French always surrender stereotype 0

Ultimates takes a very dark turn indeed as a major part of the status quo that we thought we would have is brutally removed from the equation and our villains come into the forefront. The Ultimate Future Foundation is here, and Hickman wastes no time giving them the credibility they deserve.I think its kind of funny how not that long after seeing the trippynes of the World in Uncanny X-Force, I'm seeing it again here in the Ultimate Marvel Universe. And the trippynes is still very much there, on...

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