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Captain America, Thor and Iron Man battle the forces ripping America apart!

Ultimate Hydra vs. Ultimate S.H.I.E.L.D.

Revealed! The secret weapon that could tip the balance.....forever!

Thor confronts his son Modi, who tells him that he seeks revenge because, Thor deserted him in the world tree for months, which to him felt like thousands of years. He now seeks to have his own kingdom for which he wants to destroy America first, with the help of Hydra. Thor wants to fight him but Modi manages to control his mind and forces him into obedience.

An army of thousands of Hydra soldiers are marching through Wyoming under Modi's control, but are intercepted by S.H.I.E.L.D. The Ultimates aren't sure how to fight Hydra because of the impact of some unknown magical weapon. The ground team is attacked by war machines. Captain America wants to fight them but Maria Hill doesn't let him, to keep him safe, since he is the President now.

He unleashes a counter-attack anyway, but is quickly brought down to the ground by Modi. He shows him the secret weapon, the Mind Gem from Project Pegasus. It comes from Asgard and Modi claims it has called him inside the World Tree. To show Captain America it's power he makes Stature shoot at the Helicarrier. When Steve is telling Modi that they will never give up fighting people like him, he makes Thor attack him.


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