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    I didn't know that Electro was filling in for Freddy Krueger

    Ultimate Comics Spider-Man continues on at its slow pace but there are definitely signs of big developments on the way. Miles puts his spider-powers to use, and its clear that he's a different man from Peter Parker, and as a result, will become a different Spider-Man.

    The main difference between Peter Parker and Miles Morales is how they react to their powers. Oh certainly in both cases there are similarities, but Miles clearly does not want these powers. He is aversive to them, and I might even go as far as to say that he hates them. To be fair, his father had made it clear last issue that he didn't like superhumans, and no doubt Miles has heard of what has gone on in the Ultimate Marvel Universe, so its easy to see why he'd be freaking out. Peter, by contrast, quickly came to embrace his powers, probably because they offered an escape from his previously miserable life. But Miles life is ideal. He just won a lottery to a private school, his parents are still alive, and he's not a human punching bag. So losing his old life is not what he wants.

    A lot of time is spent with Miles friend here, and its apparent that he will be a major recurring character in the series. That's a good thing, as having friends of his own with their own distinct personalities will help further separate Miles from Peter Parker character-wise. We are also introduced to what looks like a second friend in this issue, which is also a wise choice on Bendis's part, as it helps add variety.

    For those who have been dying for some kind of action to happen, we do get one scene of Miles putting his powers to proper use that is reasonably well done, if not also probably inspired a bit from two scenes in the first two Spider-Man movies. It is also really nice to see a crowd of bystanders actually applaud the hero for a change.

    Sara Pichelli's art remains excellent, and the fact that a fair bit of effort is put into facial expressions makes it even better. This is really (fittingly) the most well-drawn and well-colored of all of the Ultimate Marvel books.

    Ultimate Spider-Man continues to be a good read. It is telling that a book that has gone through three issues with no real super-heroics (or super-villainy) is still keeping me interested. This really is a winner, and with the reveal at the end of this issue (the circumstances of which are just a little contrived I admit) I am also pretty confident that things are about to pick up in pace, leaving me with much anticipation of the adventures that our second Spider-Man will have.

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