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Months ago, before the original Spider-Man died, grade-schooler Miles Morales was about to start a new chapter in his life in a new school--when he is suddenly bitten by a stolen, genetically altered spider that gave him incredible arachnid-like powers.



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"Oh No" 0

When we last left mild-mannered Miles Morales, he seemed withdrawn and scared. Shy and intimidated by the randomness and hugeness of the world around him. As his father frantically searched for him, he blended into the background with his chameleon spider powers.By the end of the book we realize that blending in remains what Miles wants to do. The Ultimatum Wave changed everything in the Ultimate U, but things didn't seem that different in the Spider-books aside from some prejudice and anger tow...

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The new Spider-Man series continues to impress me. 0

Synopsis: Miles continues to learn about his new found powers.What's Good?Characterization continues to make its way in this series. as we slowly get to know Miles Moralas more. In this issue, we see some powers that Peter Parker didn't have, along with some other supporting characters for Miles like Ganke. Bendis reminds readers that this is a kid younger than Peter Parker, yet he understand the situation he's in. Seeing him go straight to his friend's house and telling him about these new foun...

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Ultimate Spider-Man: Meet Ultimate Fing Fang Foom! 0

Fing Fang Foom huh? Frog Man huh? Don't worry it'll all make sence when you read it! Plot: Miles is dealing with his new powers, his dad reveals a family secret, We meet Miles Best Friend Ganke, and there is a awesome reasoning for Miles secret powers! Good!  After the first issue which left me bored like really bored this issue is actually interesting. While it remains pretty similar to the first few issues of USM Vol 1 there are enough differences to make it interesting. While the story is goi...

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