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A new Venom rises out Oscorp Industries, while Miles dad deals with being considered a hero, and a murder investigation begins.

Story & Script

I'm a big fan of Ultimate Venom. Thanks to Marvel's comixology having the first part of the story free, I got Ultimate Venom part one. I was hooked, on USM. I went and bought a ton of the issue on comixology and ever since I've been reading Marvel. So to say I was excited for this arc is an understatement.

The story feels a lot like the first volume of Ultimate Spider-Man, when Peter Parker was around. That's a very good thing. It's also nice to have a story focused only on Miles and his supporting cast. The last arc just felt like an Ultimates story with Miles thrown in which was disappointing.

Miles inner thoughts continue to be one of the most interesting aspects of the book. It's a lot of fun reading Miles thoughts, specifically the scene where it's learned his father fought Hydra. "I did too." It was great scene, and the way the scene was done felt a bit Dexter like.

The scene with J. Jonah Jameson and Maria Hill was great. It's refreshing to see a version of Jameson that is actually a kind person with good morals. The investigation is my favorite part of the issue, and I'm very interested to see where this all going. The mystery behind the identity of Venom is exciting. I honestly don't know who it's gonna be.


That cover. That cover sure is something. It's so detailed and frightening, and the whole Venom Wars text on the side of the issue is a great addition to to it. The art is mostly fantastic, the backgrounds are breathtaking, and most of the characters are drawn very well. However I don't like the way Ganke is drawn in this. There's a page where J. Jonah looks a bit more like his 616 counterpart than the Ultimate.

The scene with Venom in Oscorp is drawn beautifully. Venom's new design is great I must add. Overall great art.


Really good issue, however there were a few problems with the art.

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