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The event that never seems to end continues and Miles teams up with Spider-Woman.

Story & Script.

I've said it more than enough times, but I'll say it again. This story has been going on for too long! It's had very little payoff so far. The idea of Miles joining and being trained by the Ultimates is an interesting one, and something that was briefly touched upon at the end of the last volume. However the way it's been being used here has me completely disinterested in it.

I'm also not really digging Spider-Woman's portrayal in this issue. She seems overtly angst-y. This issue does have some bright spots, and bits of humor from Miles that help make it an enjoyable read. The story with Miles dad seems really filler, and uninteresting(but then again so does this arc). It's great to see Sue Storm in this issue.

There is some good character interaction in this issue, which is where Bendis really shines.


The art is very good, it's not David Marquez, but it's still very good. It's still weird to have a filler artist, but this one does a good job.


Okay, I keep trying to enjoy this arc, but it's just not working. I've decided to just stop reading until the next arc with Venom starts, till then I'm gonna go back and catch up on Ultimate X-Men which despite really enjoying I fell of of.

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