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A wierd but entertaining one off issue.

Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #16 Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #15 For prior reviews.

Plot: Betty Brant tries to uncover the identity of Spider-Man to some success.

Art: Talking about the art on this book is like beating a dead horse. It's great, amazing, David Marquez kills it on the book.

Story and Script.

I'll start with a negative, while this is a ".1" issue it isn't a great jumping on point for new readers. I mean it's not confusing but it's not all new reader friendly either. Also the solicit lies Miles is barely in this issue.

Now to the story, Betty Brant is trying to uncover the all new Spidey's identity. She comes pretty close too, however she doesn't actually know...or knew?? I really like Betty, she's not a nice person(at all) but she's extremely smart and a talented journalist.

Bendis writes her well. The story is very different from most issues and leads to the return of a character(or concept?). The ending was a bit of a let down, as Betty could prove to be a interesting addition to the supporting cast. It's really a shock ending and Bendis did a good job writing it. I wont say much(although I kind of hinted at it) but a character appears to die. I say appears because it's not overtly graphic or bloody but I think it's safe to say this character is dead.



Overall: Buy it.

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