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Nick Fury has sent Hawkeye on a vital international mission. But with no backup to be had, Clint Barton may find himself on the losing end of a major battle—until Fury sends in unexpected reinforcements: a covert mutant team and The Hulk!



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"Our Fathers Were Angry Men" 0

Jonathan Hickman is obsessed with stories about fathers and sons. It's the most commonly appearing motif in his work, but it's actually thematically appropriate for the Ultimate Comics Reborn initiative (or whatever they're calling it) because after Ultimatum nothing was supposed to be the same. They just didn't capitalize it.The Ultimate Universe has always been a child universe to 616, if you think about it. The changes were never all that different. It was a universe aspiring to tell a lot of...

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Why does Hickman think I know anything about him? 0

Ultimate Hawkeye nears the end of its first (and possibly only if this is just supposed to be a mini-series) story arc as Hawkeye and one odd assortment of characters close in on their objective only to find that their enemies are more intelligent then they think. More then just an army of power-drunk thugs, the People continue to impress as new villains, coming off as a deadly powerful new breed of superhuman with motivations that are explained in a somewhat cryptic way, but not so much that yo...

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The Floating City 0

After the little bit of disappointment that I had following Issue 2, I was a little wary that I would be disappointed with this issue too. I am happy to say that I was not disappointed, not in the least bit. Hickman does a great job keeping your interest peaked, he always has something coming that you don't see. I know some people just wanted to see Hawkeye on his own, doing his thing - which I totally get and I wanted to see too - but I did enjoy seeing the Ultimate X team since I have never re...

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