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From Red to Black.

Synopsis: Hawkeye continues to find the serum that creates super soldiers.

What's Good?

So, while the world is possibly going under due to the events in this previous issue and Ultimate Comics: The Ultimates, Hawkeye is still hanging in there. The mastermind is apparently revealed, and Hawkeye's background that was hinted on in other Ultimate series, is touched on (It's about time too). His abilities actually make sense now, especially if you been following either Ultimate Fallout and Ultimate Comics: X-Men.

Rafa Sandoval is still a welcome addition to this mini-series when it comes to the artwork. It's simple, but greatly detailed in different areas.

What's Bad?

Other than some background on Hawkeye and the reveal of the mastermind, nothing much really happens in this issue. I feel like this issue should have came out after the second issue of Ultimate Comics: Ultimates for a bigger impact.

Overall: The second issue takes a bit of a slump, and I'm not sure if adding the Ultimate X team is a good thing. The main reason why I picked this series up was because I wanted to see Hawkeye in action, not see other characters from a different series try to overshadow him. This is his time to shine.

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