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Review: Ultimate Captain America #3

Cap holds firm as Nuke launches a torturous assault on his body and on his faith in the American dream.

The Good

Once again, I enjoy how thoroughly Aaron owns Ult. Cap's character in this mini - - how his resistance to torture and even his own crisis of faith gets colored by his relentless stubbornness. Garney's art has never looked cooler, with some bold line work that gives this a weight and grit more in tune with Rambo IV than Cap's classic republic serials.

The Bad

The movie homages go just a tad overboard with Nuke breaking out a book and a chair for a lesson just like Marlon Brando did in Apocalypse Now, and the Clockwork Orange-style forced viewing he puts Cap through almost felt more like a parody. I also question if Nuke's a little denser than he ought to be when he asks the SHIELD agents who they're working for when they have the eagle badge right there on their suits.

The Verdict - 4.5/5

The metaphoric confrontation between America's 40's era jingoism and 70's era disillusionment is a bit less subtle in this one, but I'm still really appreciating the subtext of this. Not just how it how can underlay a lean action story with some good political subtext, but also in how it just makes so much sense for Cap and Nuke to clash like this. Also, prepare yourself for one maddening cliffhanger.

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