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Breaking Point

As Captain America learns the tragic story of Frank Simpson from Danvers, he starts to plan how to find him, so he can teach a lesson or two about what true America means - in this torturuous road that Aaron decided to travel, there´re lots of misconceptions, oversized patriotism and plenty of america gibberish (no offense, but this issue was Join the army, please, USA is flawless - Captain America in the middle of a Cambodian village asking if anyone speaks "American"? Come on now), what made this book too political to me, but somethings about it compensates this overdose of patriotism like the interesting dialogues between Danvers and Rogers, the amazing twist in the village of Saloha and the amazing panels of Garney - this is one artist that showed a lot of evolution, I don´t think I´ve ever seen such a solid job of his as this series, terrific issue. Unfortunally, Vietnam and the American Way of Life steal the scene, making this issue too much even for a Captain America book.
3 out 5

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