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Captain America meets his ultimate nemesis—the Captain America of the Vietnam War! As new enemies face off, old secrets from the super soldier project are revealed. From the superstar Wolverine: Weapon X creative team of Jason Aaron and Ron Garney, get ready for a hard hitting story of one man’s quest to serve his country…and the sacrifices he must make.     

Captain America is being held captive & beaten by an unknown assailant who apologizes for not being able to help him before putting a gun to his head.   Cap lowers his head and prays while his captor mocks him before giving his prayers 5 more minutes.

Six weeks earlier in North Korea, a masked man presents their government with his own batch of super soldier serum and a test subject.   The subject proves his capabilities when Captain America and some British S.A.S. members storm the facility.   The masked man kills the test subject and sets him on fire with Cap and his team on his trail.   Carol Danvers orders the team to get a blood sample before the supposed secret mission becomes a disaster.

Captain America follows after the man on his own only to catch up with him and suffer a brutal beating at the hands of the Captain America of Vietnam.    



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Captain America Vs. The Captain America of Vietnam 0

Ultimate Captain America isn't quite the same as the 616-version and he's about to face his ultimate nemesis.  The Good I've always been on the fence with the way Ultimate Captain America has been written. The main reason is because of my fondness for Steve Rogers but I've always respected that the writers take advantage that the Ultimate characters should have some differences to them. Ultimate Cap has always felt a little rougher around the edges. He's a great hero but you can see him dealing ...

6 out of 6 found this review helpful.

Lets start our journey into the Heart of Darkness 0

-Warning a spoiler may be dropped-  I thought this issue was great!  with that said you know my stance on the first issue of Ultimate Captain America #1.  For this title the team that brought us Wolverine get Mystique is back to explore the long old question were was Cap while the War in Vietnam was raging? Specifically the ultimate Steve Rogers was in a block of ice somewhere in the Atlantic. That doesn't mean the mantle of Captain America sits gathering dust  and who better than the ultimate N...

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Two Americas 0

I seriously got the wrong impression when I first started reading this issue, I thought it would be the same old story about someone trying to sell the super soldier serum, but now instead of germans, the threat was North Korea - it was ok this update of threats, but this adaptation hasn´t removed the fact that I still got the feeling that this story didn´t have anything new to show, and that feeling only consolidated after the fight that Captain America had with the responsible for selling the ...

1 out of 2 found this review helpful.
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