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Towards the end of World War II, Steve Rogers aka Captain America seemingly dies trying to destroy a nuke. He falls into the ocean and freezes into a block of ice which leaves him in a state of suspended animation. More than 60 years later, he's found by an anti-terrorist organization called S.H.I.E.L.D. lead by Nick Fury. Rogers is saved and re-awakened to lead a team of super-powered beings called the Avengers. -summary

Back in 2000 Marvel decided to become a bit more innovative with their comic book characters. This brought to life the Ultimate Marvel Universe, which featured their characters with sometimes altered origins, and even sometimes altered abilities. For example, Spider-Man no longer required web-shooters, because his webbing was actually created by his body and fired from the wrist. Several of these changes were pretty cool and it added another aspect to their characters. The Avengers would also go through this change and be renamed into the Ultimates. The Ultimates featured edgier story-lines, yet it once again tackled themes that were addressed at some point in the original Marvel Universe. Released in 2006, Ultimate Avengers - The Movie is based on the Ultimates comic series. However, it feels a bit watered down from the comic, as it's nowhere near as violent or deep. This is something that will only bother serious fans, while casual fans will see just another superhero movie with some cool action filled moments at times.

Visually, I think the movie is about average, and yes I am comparing it to DC animation, in which the aforementioned company is still running the superhero animation scene stronger than ever. The animation delivers some really cool battle segments, and viewers will get to see Captain America in action, as well as the Hulk go on a big rampage. There are some shoot outs between man and alien, and the aliens battle with some type of laser fire. These battles look alright, but I won't consider them anything special.

The character designs resemble their comic counterparts rather well, however fans of the classic characters will quickly notice the difference from the Avengers they grew up with. The production values really aren't that good all around due to the average voice acting. The voice actors appeared to fit well with the characters, still I just couldn't help notice that no one truly stood out to me.

The plot follows the heroes trying to combat the alien menace as they plan a big offense against the planet. Captain America must get the team on the same sheet of music, which is far easier said than done. While Bruce Banner tries to work on an antidote to control the Hulk, and keep from going on very destructive rampages.

I think the writing was pretty good here, and there's a good amount of character development with Captain America being the stand out here. He's forced to somehow deal with this brand new world, and everything he ever knew has vanished and most of the people he knew have passed on. There are attempts to developing the other characters, however I didn't find any as interesting.

The problems I have with the movie although I was entertained was in the lack of a serious threat. The aliens really didn't do anything for me, and I kind of think the writers knew something like this would happen, which is why they prepared for it. Still, due to this, I found the plot to be kind of weak in a way. I also never liked the idea of going with the two names "Ultimate" "Avengers". Only the fans truly know what the "Ultimate" means, while old time Avengers fans may come into this looking for the classic Avengers they grew up reading, and they will be mad as hell seeing a lot of these changes. They're not going to know what to make of it, and the title seriously comes off plain misleading because of this.

Overall, Ultimate Avengers - The Movie is a decent title. There's some violence and even onscreen deaths; nothing too out of hand I would say. I mainly recommend this to serious superhero fans. Just don't come into it hoping to be blown away.

Pros: Pretty entertaining for what its worth, some good action

Cons: Doesn't feel like anything special, voice acting

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