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The last chapter! The explosive battle between the Ultimate Universe’s most powerful super hero groups comes to a close… but who will be left standing?


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"Daddy's home, boys. Hoo-ha." 0

Synopsis: Ultimate Avengers and New Ultimates face off against Gregory Stark and afterward, changes are in store. What's Good? The finale is finally here as both The Ultimate Avengers and New Ultimates fight to stop Gregory Stark's plans. If you have read any of the Ultimate books, you know that a huge battle takes place, and the main villain throws down. The thing I liked about Gregory Stark he's like Nick Fury when he first started out in the Ultimate Universe: wanting to change the world by ...

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Farewell Mark Millar 0

 It's all about the little things.  I'm actually surprised how well this fit in with the death of Spider-Man.  While, the Spider-Man titles focus on the tragedy, grief, and heroics of the life and times of Spider-Man we hit a dark note in the Marvel Universe, what may be an overlooked moment, we see Nick Fury using it as leverage to get his job back as Director of S.H.I.E.L.D from Colonel Danvers.  He doesn't just use Spider-Man's death as leverage he uses it as guilt to force Danvers to sign he...

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It Gets Messy, But It Also Gets the Job Done 0

Ultimate Avengers vs. New Ultimates comes to an end, shaking things out and putting things in order for Jonathan Hickman to take things forward. Mark Millar brings not only his Ultimate Avengers run but his time with the Ultimate Universe in general to a fitting conclusion, though this is not a perfect or even the best of his stories.  Rather than the Avengers versus the Ultimates, this story comes down to Gregory Stark versus everyone else in this issue as Gregory takes over S.H.I.E.L.D. and tr...

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