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    A superhero based on Superman, Ultiman has two versions both with the same powers but with little differences.

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    Ultiman (Earth A)

    The Earth A Ultiman received his powers after surviving a military space shuttle accident but his abilities are refereed to as ultra powers instead of super powers. His shuttle incident left him exposed to cosmic radiation that changed his physiology and DNA. When Chris arrived back on earth he learned how to harness his abilities and decided to help better his world and protect all that live there and thus Ultiman was born. The Earth-A Ultiman is a member of the Roundtable of America and he is most frequently seen combating the criminals and super villains that end up in Empire City. His arch nemesis is the vile villain known as Reverso, he is actually an imitation of Bizarro and he is also connected to Lori Lake, Lori is Big Bang comics imitation of Lois Lane.

    Ultiman (Earth B)

    The Earth B Ultiman is a member of the Knights of Justice, and he is actually not in the military and/or space program like his Earth A counterpart, he is a 4-F reject from the army. This version of Chris Kelly, aka Ultiman, got his powers by being hit by a meteor. While driving one evening Chris was dwelling on yet another rejection from the army when there was a sudden flash in the sky and before Chris could react his car was struck by a meteor. This meteor destroyed his car and caused him great physical harm, but miraculously the radiation from the space rock healed him and transformed him into Ultiman. Ultiman of Earth B has the same Superman-esque ultra (not super) powers as the Earth A Ultiman. The Earth B equivalent was featured in the Big Bang television movie The Knights of Justice. This version of Ultiman still battles against Reverso and is connected to Lori Lake too, but this version of Chris also often does battle with Dr. Dexter Cortex (the doctor is a combination of Dr. Sivana and Lex Luthor) and the Super Stormtropper (Super Stormtropper is a Nazi version of Ultiman).

    Powers and Abilities

    Both forms of Ultiman posses ultra-strength, ultra-speed, laser-vision, and ultra-senses and they can both fly. The two only differ in origin and costume, Earth A Ultiman wears gloves with no belt while the Earth B version has a belt but no gloves.

    Ultiman was created based on Superman. Ultiman and Superman have virtually the same powers and characteristics, even their secret identities have the same initials, CK (Clark Kent-Chris Kelly) both men have the same best friend sort of, Superman is good friends with Batman and Ultiman is good friends with Reid Randall aka the Knight Watchman who is Big Bangs version of Batman.


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