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Bullied by his fellow students, the young man who was called "Uglyhead," developed an ugly personality to go with the name. At some point he encountered a Sheeda spine-rider, which attached itself to him, giving him the power to carry out his revenge fantasies.


Uglyhead was created by Grant Morrison and Doug Mahnke. He made his first appearance in Seven Soldiers: Frankenstein #1.

Major Story Arcs

Seven Soldiers of Victory

Uglyhead begins to plot his revenge on his classmates, whose thoughts he can read. He is able to force one of the girls who bullied him to succumb to her feelings of worthlessness and become "ugly." He next attends the prom, where the Sheeda Circus of Maggots arises and takes control of all the other students there, feeding off them. When Kim, the girl on whom Uglyhead is fixated, arrives, he attempts to make her his queen, but she resists and fless. Soon after Frankenstein arrives, and Uglyhead is easily defeated, decapitated and killed.

Powers and Abilities

Uglyhead has been usurped by a Sheeda spine-rider. He is capable of telepathy.


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