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    A country on the African continent.

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    Officially the Republic of Uganda, this former British colony which achieved independence in October 1962. The capital and largest city is Kampala.Uganda has a population around 35 million.

    The state has lived through several dictatorial regimes, notably that of Idi Amin (ruled 1971 - 1979). There is an ongoing conflict between the current regime of Yoweri Museveni (rule 1986 - ) and the Lord's Resistance Army.

    The so-called Army has fought since 1987 to establish a theocratic state based on the Ten Commandments and Acholi tradition. Their believes are a syncritistic blend of Christianity, mysticism, traditional religion and witchcraft. Leader Joseph Kony has been self-declared a spokeperson of the Holy Spirit. In practice they are connected to the modern slave trade and notorious for the forced recruitment of children to their ranks.

    Uganda borders Sudan, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Rwanda, Tanzania and Kenya.


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