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Edith "Edie" Constance Sawyer was born in the Midwest, and wanted to be famous. That all changed when Edie got pregnant while still a teen. Edie and her parents decided to raise her daughter as her "sister", even before the child was born. Edith's mother began putting a pillow under her dress to pretend like she was the one that was pregnant. When Edie finally gave birth, she looked at her child and felt a strong urge to get away from home. Moments later, her teleportation abilities manifested, and Edie was suddenly on top of the Hollywood Sign in Los Angeles. She managed to return home, but felled she had to do something special with her life and moved to Hollywood, leaving her parents and her daughter behind. In Hollywood, Edie became an actress but soon found out that this was not the place for her.


U-Go Girl was created by Peter Milligan and Mike Allred in 2001 and first appeared in X-Force #116.

Major Story Arcs

Joining X-Force

U-Go Girl
U-Go Girl

Edie met with another mutant named Zeitgeist, whom she started to date. He even invited her to join his mutant-superhero celebrity team known as X-force. She accepted and took on the name "Tele-Girl", but changed it to U-Go Girl when she accidentally flashed a crowd and somebody screamed, "you go, girl!".

She had a few missions with the team until disaster struck. Edie's boyfriend and team leader Zeitgeist had made a plan to kill of almost everyone on the team so that they could bring in new mutants and upgrade their television ratings. It was supposed to happen during a mission in which the team was deployed to save a teenage boy rock band. The plan however backfired and Zeitgeist himself as well as most other members died during the mission. Only Edie and newcomer Anarchist survived the massacre.

Now Edie went from being a newcomer herself to the most experienced member of X-force. It was not soon that many newcomers where added to the team, among them was Orphan.

Relation with the Orphan

 Edie and Orphan
Edie and Orphan

The two started a relationship not soon after and had various missions together. At one point the lead backer and owner of the team, Spike Freeman, was dissatisfied with Orphan's way of leading which then the team's Coach was assigned to dispose of Orphan. Coach enlisted U-Go Girl to help dispose of him in return for the teams leadership. When U-Go Girl teleported to Orphan's house, she discovered he played Russian Roulette every night. She left, but the guilt she had doing it forced her to go back, but she was ambushed by Coach to keep from warning Orphan. As soon as she was about to be killed, Orphan arrived and soon after Edie shot and killed Coach.

Some time later the team was forced to choose another name for themselves, since the Xavier led X-Force team was furious about them stealing 'their' team name. Edie and the others thought of various names, none of them where however picked up. During one of their missions, the team encountered a Death-entity, striking his finger to one out of three members of the X-Force team, Anarchist, Orphan or Edie herself. That entity told them that one of them was about to die. Edie tried to forget the words, but when X-Force was sent on a mission in space, it seemed that the prophecy was true. Edie was mortally wounded by a spike that came from an alien that had impersonated her teammate

Spike. Although the alien was killed, Orphan and the rest of the team could not prevent Edie from dying. Her last words to Orphan were that she thought that "X-Statix" would be a much better team name. Orphan later changed it to honor his fallen love interest. Orphans was strick with grief for a long time and honored Edie till the moment he died himself.

X-Statix, after death

Fellow X-Force member Dead Girl made a trip to the afterlife, in witch she recruited her dead teammates Orphan and Anarchist. They also encountered Edie during this trip so that Orphan and Edie had a brief moment together once more in the afterlife.

U-Go Girl was later seen moving throughout Doopspace, which now is believed to have connections with worlds of the dead like Heaven. This is reinforced because Doop is also alive once again, as is Anarchist.

Powers and abilities

U-Go Girl was a mutant with the ability of teleportation. She could take herself and anyone close to her long distances, but long teleports exhausted her. She also had light blue skin.

When she teleports, she becomes extremely tired. She uses stimulants in an attempt to stay awake when using her powers.


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