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Tyson is the protagonist in the Beyblade series that includes Beyblade, Beyblade V-Force and Beyblade G-Revolution. He is also the friend of Kai, Ray, Max, Kenny and Hilary Tachibana. Tyson is the best beyblader in the series.


Tyson is shown as a young and brave beyblader, he enjoys blading and is the best beyblader. Evidently because having won three world championships back to back, the first with the Bladebreakers, the second one with Max Tate and the third with BBA Revolution.

Tyson also is a guy who takes things lightly and enjoys himself, unlike Kai who is shown to be a little uptight in comparison. Kai is second only to Tyson in blading.

Tyson looks change a little over the series but mostly he wears a red jacket over a yellow shirt with a red, blue cap. He also wears finger-less gloves.

Beyblading Skills

Tyson is a strong beyblader, he always is willing to give his best, pushes himself to his limits. Tyson improvises during battles. Dragoons beyblades improve with as the model upgrades.Tyson's Bit-Beast is Dragoon.

His Bit-Beast and him share a connection that is exceptional. His bit beast is powered by his strength, stamina and vigor.


In the beyblade the first of the series trilogy, Tyson trains with his grandfather in kendo which is a Japanese form of fencing with two-handed bamboo swords. His grandfather tells him about the legend of Dragoon . After that when Tyson was beyblading with his friends another blader Carlos steps in. Tyson finds that Carlos is a member of the Blade Sharks, a Beyblade gang of people who after defeating Beybladers take their Blades.

Tyson soon meets Kenny, a Beyblade tech expert with a Bit-Beast trapped inside his laptop called Dizzi. Kenny and Dizzi decide to offer help to Tyson win battle against Carlos by analyzing his Beyblade. Kenny deduces that Tyson's Blade should be upgraded if he wants to beat Carlos, requiring it to be at least "four times faster". By Tysons will he customizes his Beyblade. He then discovers that by combining two Ripcords, it creates a longer, more efficient one but is dismayed when it only makes his Blade two times quicker. Struggling, after seeing a vision of the Dragoon Beast approaching him, he gets outside and undergoes hard training because he is determined to defeat Carlos and save those Blades.

The next afternoon, Tyson goes to blade against Carlos. Tyson there improvises by launching his blade after taking a run up to give his blade an extra burst of rotation speed. Tyson defeats Carlos. After that this is the time when Tyson first meets Kai Hiwatari. Kai is the then leader of Blade Sharks and disappointed in Carlos so he pushes him into the ground. Angry, Tyson hate what Kai just did and challenges him for blading match expecting to teach him humility. Kai accepts, Kai's bit-beast is Dranzer. Kai at that time has Dranzer S Blade with help of which he defeats Tyson and in the process ends up breaking Tysons blade. So Kenny later fixes Tysons blade upgrading it to Dragoon S from Dragoon Grip Attacker. After that when he battled kai again the result was a draw.When Tyson and Kenny first meet Max, who has the bit-beast Draciel and his father owns a Beyblade store. Tyson battles Max but loses because Max's Draciel due to Draciels Metal ball defense.

The "bladebreakers" are going to be a team of Beybladers consisting of Tyson Granger, Kai Hiwatari, Max Tate, Ray Kon, Daichi Sumeragi and Kenny.

The final Championships

Bladebreakers are then fated up against the Demolition Boys, the Russian team and the then World Champions, who are power hungry and merciless. This is while they are in Russia. The Bladebreakers then discover that the Demolition Boys are nothing but tools for the BIOVOLT Corporation, which is run by Kai's grandfather, Voltaire and Boris. It is revealed that Kai initially was pursued by Boris to join the Demolition Boys in their quest to power, the Black Dranzer Bit-Beast which Kai then wanted badly to become the best Beyblader. But he realizes his mistake and rejoins the Bladebreakers.

During the finals, Kai loses the first round and his Dranzer to Spencer. Ray wins against Bryan, but is then sent to hospital as he suffered injuries from the match. Tyson manages to defeat Tala, the leader of the Demolition Boys. Tala's body had been genetically enhanced for him to have an edge over other normal bladers. Tyson manages to win the title of the BBA world champion and then after that all of the stolen bit-beasts are returned to the bladers.


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