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Origin Story

 Tyrus Krill is an intergalactic Bounty Hunter who 1st appeared in Wolverine Annual 2000.   

Tyrus was a space explorer and scientist who had been given his own spaceship to travel the galaxy, he brought along his family unit along with him to travel and study mysteries of the universe. It is during his exploring the Universe that his ship encountered an alien distress beacon, seeking to aid the strangers he changed course to the source and regrettably realized his act of compassion would tomb his family. The distress call was a lure to attract uninfected aliens to the Brood's Bio ship, realizing his mistake Tyrus had his ship reverse engines in an attempt to flee the Brood's Bio ship. 
Unable to escape the Brood  Bio Ship, his ship was boarded by the Brood and  he and his family were infected by the Brood a fate worse then death, unable to kill his family who had already turned  and he had yet not shown signs of the infection due to using a hypo spray to retard the transformation was left alone on the ship as the Brood left it to float in space his own icy prison. 
Tyrus managed to use his scientific knowledge to suppress the transformation using the ship's equipment he managed to enhance himself physically to hunt down the Brood and avenge his family. He manage to create various alien technology to combat the Brood and activate his ship. After years of Hunting the Brood as a Bounty Hunter he tracked a specific group who were considered outlaws by even the Brood and were the ones responsible for killing his family unit.
These Brood did not always turn their victims but killed for pleasure nor were they Loyal to the Brood Hierarchy making them unwanted by even the Brood. Tyrus Tracked them to Earth and upon arriving searched for Wolverine the Slayer of the Brood well known throughout the Universe for help in his mission to avenge his family.

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