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    Character » Tyrone Cash appears in 15 issues.

    Leonard Williams was the mentor to a young Bruce Banner and they worked on the super soldier formula. As Leonard he relied on crutches to walk but after transforming he became the powerful and violent gangster "Tyrone Cash."

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    Major Story Arcs

    In the Ultimate universe, Leonard Williams was a professor at Cambridge University and a family man with a wife and children but due to disability he relied on the aid of crutches to walk. Cambridge is where he worked with a young Bruce Banner. They worked together in order to create a super soldier formula. During this time, he became Bruce's "mentor" and allegedly taught Banner "everything he knows." In an unexplainable occurrence, Williams survives after several people are killed - Leonard could not be found. From then on he was considered a missing person.

    Leonard Williams became the first Hulk and lives as "Tyrone Cash." Unlike Bruce Banner's Hulk, Tyrone Cash still retains his intellect and self control. The years he was "missing" he was actually being monitored by SHIELD, while he was "murdering and pillaging his way through Africa and Asia." Now, 16 years after the accident Leonard Williams "perished" in, Tyrone Cash resides in South America living as a ruthless gang lord. In order to draft Williams/Cash, Nick Fury sends War Machine to retrieve him. Tyrone starts whaling on War Machine after he tried being nice and reminding him who he really is. During their fight Tyrone shows how powerful he is and how truly sadistic and ruthless he has become. Tyrone plucks a one man plane from the air and uses it as a weapon. He has no remorse for killing the pilot or the others on his island. He threatens to quickly rebuild his "crime empire" if War Machine ruins his - he only stops fighting after War Machine says, "We'll tell your wife and kid you're still alive."

    Tyrone and his fellow Project: Avengers' assignment is to take out the enigmatic and deadly Ghost Rider. In an attempt to "get the jump on" Ghost Rider, the Avengers and SHIELD agents stand guard at an airport. Ghost Rider eventually arrives to capture, and inevitably kill, his target. Ghost Rider ripped a man from his plane and quickly rides off but his escape is cut short by a well placed rocket courtesy of Hawkeye.

    During the Avengers vs New Ultimates story arc it was discovered that Tyrone Cash had been selling S.H.I.E.L.D super soldiers on the black market. The Avengers proceeded to take down Cash and arrest him. After a brief encounter he revealed that it was none other than Sharon Carter, head of S.H.I.E.L.D who had secretly ordered him to do so, and that she had been selling S.H.I.E.L.D secrets for several years. Nick Fury along with James Rhodes, Punisher, Blade and Hawkeye force him to reveal the how his super soldier serum worked and after he does Fury shoots him in the head.

    Powers & Abilities

    Cash's pill made him as strong and indestructible as the Hulk, but without Banner's post-transformation loss in intelligence. While beating down War Machine, Cash was able to hit so hard that tremors were felt a thousand miles away. However, he was vulnerable to hypnotic attacks, which was how Blade defeated him.


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