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    Tyr is a space tyrant, using his sentient gun hand for crime in the 30th Century.

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    One of the warlords of the planet Tyrraz, from which he derives his name, Tyr became known as the scourge of his home galaxy. Tyr first appeared in the Milky Way shortly after brainwashing Timber Wolf and attempting to use him to kill the Legion of Super Heroes.

    After subsequent battles with the Legion and at least one attempt to attack them in tandem with the Legion of Super Villains, Tyr was revealed as a warlord of the mobile planet Tyrazz which traveled into our galaxy as a world size warship before being immobilized by the Legionnaires.

    Tyr possesses great strength and superior fighting abilities, combined with the instincts of a ruthless warrior. In addition to his personal abilities, his arm has apparently been amputated and replaced by a sentient "gun-arm" that can function independently, as well as fire potent blasts.


    Legion of Super Heroes

    Tyr appears in the episode Lightning Storm, as a member of the Legion of Super-Villains. With the unexplained absence of Lightning Lord in the season two premiere, Tyr operated as the team's leader.

    Action Figures

    In 1986 Tyr was among the characters made into an action figure in the Super Powers Collection line of toys based on DC characters.


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