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Tyr-Van was presumably one of the many citizens of Kandor abducted by Brainiac from Krypton's surface, and had lived there until Superman defeated him and Kandor was restored on the artificially created world of New Krypton. Tyr-Van was a member of the Labor Guild, and used to be one of Alura's personal pages. As soon as Superman/Kal-El decided to start a new life in Kandor, Tyr-Van was assigned to answer any of Kal-El's questions and to escort him to General Zod. Honored by serving Kal-El, Tyr-Van appeared content with his position within the Labor Guild, unlike some of his peers.
When Kal-El was brought up on charges of treason and sentenced to death, Tyr-Van had reconfigured a sunstone clock to disable the red-solar-generator that kept Kal powerless, which would allow him to escape. After leaving, Tyr went to a chamber where Zod and Ursa were spying on Kal's cell, where it showed that he had chosen to remain there, awaiting execution.  Despite being labeled as a spy and traitor by Ursa, Tyr would still consider Kal a friend. Kal was later cleared on his charges by the Religious Guild.

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