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Typhoon was created by Gerry Conway and Al Milgrom.


David Drake was a research scientist on the Concordance ship "The Neptune Explorer". He had invented "The Manta," an untested nuclear-powered bathysphere designed for deep sea observation.

Anton Hammer, Captain of the Neptune, bullied nuclear physicist Martin Stein into prematurely certifying the Manta's nuclear pile as safe. Then Hammer pressured Drake into taking the bathysphere down into the ocean, despite an approaching South Sea Typhoon. When the storm hit, Hammer panicked and cut the Manta's cables, consigning Drake to a watery death.

Fortunately, Stein summoned Firestorm, who managed to pull the Manta to the surface. But Hammer feared witnesses, and as Drake opened the Manta's hatch, Hammer shot him. Drake fell back into the bathysphere as sea and rain water poured onto the electrical system, shorting it out. The unstable nuclear pile overloaded and exploded.

David Drake was not killed, but he was somehow transformed into a human typhoon. Driven mad by the experience, he sank the Neptune and made his way to nearby Australia. Firestorm followed and used air pressure and air temperature changes to temporarily de-power Typhoon.

Whilst he was recuperating in an Australian hospital, Drake's wife sent him notice that she was filing for divorce. As soon as he was able, Drake returned to America to look for his family, only to discover that his wife had remarried and that his children already considered her new husband their father. Frustrated and angry, Drake turned into the Typhoon once more, and sought out the two individuals he believed were responsible for his predicament - Hammer and Stein.

Typhoon killed Hammer, but Stein once again summoned Firestorm, who used a nuclear blast to disperse Drake's storm self.

Drake spent a year in a coma. When he recovered, he abducted his children as Typhoon and took them to Pittsburgh in pursuit of Firestorm. His daughter convinced him that his children belonged in a safe environment with their mother, so he returned them and left without a trace.

Typhoon would later turn up as member of The Secret Society of Supervillians and attack Sub Diego. When the latest Crisis was averted he fought the new Blue Beetle off the coast of a coastal Mexican town. The new Blue Beetle would make Typhoon ignite an off-shore oil rig causing him to revert to his David Drake persona.

He was last seen under the influence of the Anti-Life Equation attacking Checkmate.

New 52

Typhoon attacks Firestorm who has been hit by Black Bison's staff. Typhoon drags Firestorm down deep into the water and attempts to drown him and encircles him within a whirlpool that jettisons him onto the pier. Firestorm battles Typhoon once again. Major Force has arrived to help and is fighting his adversaries on the ground while Firestorm is being dragged through the water. Firestorm boils the water and this propels Typhoon into the air where he lands on the ground unconscious.


Doomsday Clock

During the events of Doomsday Clock, Typhoon was shot in the head by The Comedian. As of right now, he's dead.


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