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Typhon is a monstrous Giant offspring of Gaea and Tartarus. Though he often appears as a human-looking giant, in his true form he has multiple snake-like tentacles in place of his human arms and legs. which can provide as an advantage in combat. Ever since his defeat at the hands of Zeus which took place several Millenia ago his hatred of Zeus and Olympians in general festered and grew while he was imprisoned in the harshest section of Hades, Tartarus.

Typhon is the father of the Chimera, Orthrus, the Sphinx, the Nemean Lion, Cerberus, Ladon and the Lernaean Hydra.

In Marvel:

Typhon eventually escaped his prison and sought revenge against Zeus and the Olympians but was defeated by the Hercules, son of Zeus, and his teammates the Avengers and was subsequently returned to his imprisonment in Tartarus.


Typhon is a mythological creature.

Mayor Story Arcs


After Zeus' death and the restructuring of the

Olympian pantheon

as the mortal corporation, the

Olympus group

, Typhon was freed by


under orders of


, Zeus' wife and head of the Olympus group after his death. From then onwards, Typhon served as Hera's bodyguard as she plotted to wipe the humanity off the face of the planet. It is also revealed the two were engaged in an affair.

Powers & Abilities

In his giant-sized humanoid form Typhon possesses vast supherhuman strength and other physical abilities that rival that of Hercules, the strongest of the Olympian Gods. He typically wields a humongous axe in battle that is empowered by the Promethean Flame which can shoot destructive energy blasts and summon/send beings to and from the land of shades.

True Form Powers

Typhon has a true form that has not been seen since his first battle with the Olympians. In this state he is the size of a mountain with the arms and legs of serpents. He can spit lava and has some weather control including hurricanes, lightning storms and tornadoes. His physical abilities and overall powers reach a level where they rival Zeus.


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