Typhoid Mary

    Character » Typhoid Mary appears in 6 issues.

    The person responsible for spreading typhoid fever in North America.

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    Mary Mallon, born in Ireland, immigrated to USA in 1884. century. She was a carrier of Typhoid fever, but was immune to it (which is rare). She was a cook from 1900 till 1906, in the Manhattan area, and without her knowing, infected people.

    She also worked as lawyer for a while.

    Mallon was incarcerated to a hospital in 1907. She was freed in 1910, when she promised to change profession.

    She was a laundress for little while. But it didn`t pay as well. She changed her name to Mary Brown, and started to cook again.

    In 1915, after another epidemic reared its head, the one who infected people was, of course, Mary.

    She was incarcerated again, and became a minor celebrity. She stayed in a hospital till she died to pneunomia, in 9.11.1938. She had a stroke that paralyzed her, six years before her death.

    It`s not known how many she infected. But it`s known that at least three of her victims lost their lifes.

    For all her life, she refused to have Typhoid fever. She had never been sick because of it, after all.


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