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Tyler first appeared in Season 4 of Charmed, as just a young boy. His foster parents were revealed to be demonic assassins, working for an upper-level Demon who ran an academy for the next Source Of All Evil's apprentice. The Charmed Ones saved the young firestarter from the academy and he was later adpoted by The Michaels.
He has recently appeared in the Charmed comics, as all the innocents the Charmed ones have ever saved begin attacking them under the influence of a mysterious demon...

Powers and Abilities

Firestarting -

 As Tyler is a firestarter and not a witch, he only possesses one gift only, which is the powerful ability of creating fires. This is considered one of the greatest powers of all time in the Charmed univese and most firestarters are usually very powerful, which is why demons constantly try to stray them towards the demonic world.
NOTE: This is not pyrokenisis, as pyrokenisis is the ability to conjure fire from hands and move it at your will, firestaters simply create large explosions of fire that are much more powerful than pyrokenisis blasts.

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