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Tyler Marlocke
Tyler Marlocke

Tyler is just your average, ordinary boy, which is fine with him. Unfortunately, being "ordinary" doesn't sit well with his parents, Ultima and Sovereign Powers, two of the planet's most powerful metahumans. They send him to PS238, the school for metaprodigy children, in hopes that being around other metahuman children and being put through the same training as them will cause his powers to manifest. While he has yet to show any signs of metahuman abilities, he has acclimated well to attending PS238 and has become the apprentice of the Revenant, who gave him the name "Moon Shadow" to use when in disguise.


None, although Tyler exhibits an almost uncanny knack for being in the right place (or perhaps the wrong place, if you were to ask him) at exactly the right time, as well as having the ability to think quickly and the good fortune to be prepared for almost anything to happen. As Moon Shadow, Tyler makes use of many gadgets and weapons that are provided to him by his mentor, the Revenant. He also has access to the Revenant's support network of vehicles, safe houses, and money, the latter of which Revenant thinks may be "the greatest super power of all".


Tyler's first day at PS238 was more eventful than he would have liked. Forced to attend the school by his overzealous parents, he initially tried to get out of attending any classes by sneaking into a different classroom. This ploy didn't work and he was sent to the proper classroom where his teacher, Miss Kyle, discovers that his student record shows he has no metahuman abilities. While at lunch he meets Cecil, one of the regular students at Excelsior Primary School. Cecil asks Tyler to meet him during afternoon recess to discuss the odd things that go on at the school. Tyler then had to endure Coach Rockslide's phys ed class while wearing a gaudy set of armor that was sent with him by his parents. After being tossed around the entire period by Zodon, he found himself being guided to Doctor Newby's office for a healing session. During afternoon recess he is solicited by both Zodon and Victor Von Fogg to become their minion. He is then pulled into a conversation with Cecil where he tells Cecil the "truth" about the school - that the new kids are all aliens and he has been sent there to monitor them. Cecil buys this story and asks Tyler to put in a good word for him with Tyler's supervisors because he'd love to have a secret agent badge and a decoder ring. The teachers of PS238, having monitored this conversation, provide him with badges and decoder rings from the fictitious Bureau of Alien Management, so he can keep up the facade for Cecil. While the teachers may not be able to fully train Tyler, Principal Cranston knows someone who may be able to help them. He contacts the Revenant and sets the wheels in motion for Tyler to be trained by him.

Tyler's other adventures of note, prior to taking up the mantle of Moon Shadow, include a trip to the moon, exploring the abandoned Union of Justice satellite that is buried under PS238, being elected the "Official Protector of Student Liberty and Guardian of Constitutional Values at PS238", and meeting the daughter of the first recorded metahuman.

Moon Shadow swings into action!
Moon Shadow swings into action!

Tyler's first outing as a super-hero was an "interesting" experience to say the least, netting him a run-in with two actual super-villains and a new code-name, given to him by the Revenant: "Moon Shadow". Tyler was assigned to spend the weekend with Revenant to be trained in non-powered superhero techniques. He was also assigned to bring along a mystery for Revenant to solve. Tyler presented Revenant with a photo of his school teachers as the Union of Justice, noting that he wanted to know more about who they were and what their satellite is doing buried under the school. The Revenant takes Tyler to meet his regular informant, the Consultant. The Revenant introduces Tyler to the Consultant as "Moon Shadow", explaining to Tyler that he had been listening to a lot of Cat Stevens lately. While discussing the requested information with the Consultant, her offices are burglarized by a professional criminal known as the Kestrel. The Revenant and Moon Shadow attempt to get the files back from Kestrel and in the process of this they run into her accomplice, the Highwayman.

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