Tyler Locke

    Character » Tyler Locke appears in 64 issues.

    The eldest child of Rendell Locke and Nina Locke. He is the protective brother of Bode and Kinsey Locke who steps forth to fill in his father's shoes as man of the house.

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    Tyler Locke is the son of Rendell and Nina Locke. He is also the brother of Bode and Kinsey Locke. After witnessing the murder of his father at the hands of Sam Lesser and Al Grubb, Tyler Locke moves with his family to the Keyhouse.


    Tyler Locke is the creation of writer Joe Hill and artist Gabriel Rodriguez.

    Major Story Arcs

    Welcome To Lovecraft

    Tyler Locke witnesses the murder of his father first-hand by Sam Lesser. He fights Lesser, managing to disarm him and beat him unconscious with a brick. Tyler has a hard time coping with the murder of his father. He wants to get away from everything so he agrees to move to the Keyhouse with his family. Tyler's way of coping with what happened is to perform a ton of yard work to keep himself and his mind busy. His mind does sometimes drift into his dark past and all he sees is the image of him standing over Sam Lesser's body. What haunts Tyler Locke is the fact that, in a fit of rage, he told Sam Lesser one day that he wanted him to kill his father.

    When Bode Locke discovers the Lady in the Well, Tyler is the first person that he tells. Tyler quickly dismisses it and tells him that he probably heard his own echo. Bode Locke also tries to talk to Tyler about the Ghost Key and door that makes you turn into a ghost but Tyler dismisses this as well as just Bode's imagination.

    After Sam Lesser manages to escape from prison and find his way to the Keyhouse, he pulls a gun on Tyler and forced him into the cellar. Tyler agrees to fetch a key that Sam is searching for. Nina Locke tells Sam that it is hidden in her dresser but her and Tyler both know that the only thing in there is the gun that she has hidden. A struggle ensues in the bedroom and down the stairs until Sam Lesser strangles Tyler in front of the Ghost Key door. Tyler manage to slip into the door unintentionally and revert to ghost form, saving his life and making Sam believe he is dead. Sam Lesser drags Tyler's body into the cellar without realizing that he is not dead and is just out of his body. Tyler returns to his body when he remembers that Bode said you can return to your body by thinking you do not want to be dead anymore. Tyler bull rushes Sam Lesser which knocks the gun to the ground and frees Kinsey from Sam's grasp. Just when it looks like Sam was going to kill Tyler with a shovel, Kinsey Locke shoots him multiple times, forcing him to retreat upstairs.

    The Lady in the Well, who uses the Gender Key to revert back to his male form as Lucas Caravaggio, shows up at the Keyhouse two weeks later as a new friend of Tyler Locke.

    Head Games

    Lucas Caravaggio, who is using the alias Zack Wells, becomes a close friend of Tyler Locke. It is around this time that Brinker Martin also invites Tyler Locke to join the hockey team. Tyler also runs into Jordan Gates who is a girl in his class that he is developing a crush for.

    Bode Locke once again goes to Tyler and his sister with a new discovery that he makes. He discovers how to use the Head Key and shows Tyler who freaks out at first but then becomes curious. Tyler wants to use the Head Key so he can cram his textbook into his head, thus alleviating the grueling hours of reading that awaits him. With the help of Kinsey, Tyler is successful with placing his textbook into his head which made him instantly memorize the textbook. Tyler shows up at class the next day and tells Zack and Jordan that he will show them how he was able to read the whole book in one night.

    Jordan Gates and Zack show up at Keyhouse and Tyler opens up his head using the Head Key. Jordan freaks out and immediately leaves the Keyhouse. Zack is curious and amazed by this new discovery (which we all know is because he is secretly hunting for the keys). Kinsey asks Tyler to open her head using the key so he can remove her fear and the part of her that makes her cry. Tyler removes these and places them in a glass bottle.

    Crown of Shadows

    Tyler meets up with Jordan and apologizes for what happened at the Keyhouse previously. He makes up for it by handing her his ethics paper so that she would not fail. Back home at the Keyhouse, Bode Locke steals Tyler's hat and offers to give it back in exchange for the Head Key which he believes that Tyler still has. The Head Key is actually in the possession of Zack aka Luke Caravaggio. While chasing Bode Locke for his hat, the pair discover a large wooden key that iss hidden within the floor boards and underneath a rug. Tyler quickly discovers that the door for this key is actually the window.

    Nina Locke tells Tyler that she is going to visit Duncan Locke who is grieving since his boyfriend got hit by a car. While the house is left to the kids, Luke sneaks into the house using the Anywhere Key. Luke finds the Shadow Key and uses it to spawn a mass of shadows that he sends out to search for keys. Tyler Locke uses the Giant Key to grow large and he manages to fight off the shadows and save Bode and Kinsey.


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