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List of Comics:

Tears of the Dragon- While journeying to the Kingdom of Vapolany, an Old Man tells his grandchildren a story of warriors, magic, dragons and love. The fantasy web comic is written by Tyler James and drawn by Koko Amboro with colors by Paul Little.

Over: After a devastating breakup with his girlfriend, comic book writer Felix Hughes decides to create a graphic novel based on it. Written and drawn by Tyler James.

Super Seed- In a world where superheroes exist, Dr. Mike Billings has decided to make superpowered fertility available to the public through his Super Seed program. Written and drawn by Tyler James.

Epic- After Teenager Eric Ardor was the victim of a freak experiment, he gladly joins the superhero ranks as the hero Epic. Soon he discovers that he is one of the most powerful hero in the world. Unfortunately, he has a weakness. His libido and being located in Miami makes it all the more difficult to avoid becoming excited. Written by Tyler James and drawn by Matt Zolman with colors by Ty Tyner.


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