Character » Tyldak appears in 28 issues.

    Tyldak is gravenly misshapen because Winnowill granted his longing to become the most expert flyer of all the Gliders.

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    Much of Tyldak is unknown, but it is well known that his judgment is impaired, either from his quest for personal-talents or from living in a cave his whole life.

    His mutant-form became of his own choice, when he solicited Winnowill's distorted healer and rock-shaping talents in order to become the most graceful of all flyers. This his skin stretched, his three fingers elongated and he became and elf-bat.

    Although Tyldak is groteque in appearance, he is recognised to Dewshine, when he heard her soul name, LREE. Dewshine does not see Tyldak but can only remember the appearance of his spirit, which to her is quite beautiful.

    Unfortunately, an Idol of his former self is kept by his bedside, and Winnowill uses this to locque his form in place. Thus, Tyldak is both Winnowill's Servant and Prisoner. Furthermore, she knows the sound of LREE and so she can hack into Dewshine's thoughts whenever convenient, either to gain some advantage or merely to torture her.

    Living in the caves of Blue Mountain, and having bat-elf appearance, Obviously Tyldak prefers to hunt and travel during the nighttime. He can travel even farther than the Gliders chosen 8 because their giant hawks become hungry often and must be maintained carefully.

    Tyldak ended up Kahvi's life/lovemate for over 500 years, and spent that time with her and his son Windkin, exploring. He was killed by humans and his body burned upon request.


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