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    Tygra is the second in command and oldest Thundercat. He is an architect and scientist, as well as a stealthy warrior.

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    Tygra is a warrior and is often second-in-command of the Thundercats. Tygra designed all of the Thundercat bases on Third Earth, which are the Cat’s Lair and the Tower of Omens and he is in a relationship with Cheetara.

    Powers and equipment

    Tygra's favorite weapon is his bolo-whip. A weapon he can use for offense as well as defense. He can attack his enemies from a far or use it to become invisible by wrapping it around himself. Tygra can also only swim while invisible.

    2011 series


    Tygra is back in the new Thundercats series, but is portrayed much younger to the age of twenty. Tygra, though adopted, was the preferred son and prince by many of Thundera as Lion-O always shirked his duties as prince and heir to the throne. Thundera was eventually attacked and brought to ruins and King Claudus was betrayed by Grune, Tygra's hero and beloved General of Thundera and a best friend to the king and murdered by Mumm-Ra. Tygra and Lion-O were there when it happened. They eventually rescued Cheetara, who was being held captive. They escaped from Thundera and thus begun their journey. Tygra is a member of the Thundercats team along with his brother, the current Lord Lion-O, Cheetara, Panthro, Wilykat and Wilykit. Their mission is to find the Stones of Power, unite the animals and defeat Mumm-Ra. In this series, Tygra has retained his relationship with Cheetara.

    Powers and Equipment

    In the new series, Tygra retains his invisibility by using his whip. He is superhuman durable to blunt force damage and possesses, enhanced strength, speed, agility, and reflexes being capable of deflecting laser machine gun fire with his whip and shatter stone with it. He is also an accomplished hand to hand combatant and expert swordsman having continuously beat Lion-O even at their current age. Tygra is an expert marksman with his pistol and is a capable strategist having sat with their father during strategical meetings. He is a better strategist in terms of on paper thinking but has admitted Lion-O's natural ability to lead and formulate plans exceeds his own. Tygra is also a natural pilot exceeding even the Vulture king's ability to fly ships despite never having done so. Tygra does not have his original incarnation's illusion technique. His pistol is able to crack massive boulders and he was given a retractable whip by his real father, the last of the hidden tiger clan.


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