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Stig's Inferno would be one of his most celebrated independent comic releases. It would still remain out of print. Stig is also where Ty Templeton learned really how to create comics.  It is a series he constantly refers to in his writing class at the Toronto Cartoonist Workshop. Ty Templeton's big art break would be on Booster Gold.

Ty Templeton was one of the animators for Showtime's Dexter: Early Cuts webisodes. Cindy Landon black widow story being the one he did the animation for.

Ty Templeton also teaches about comics in Toronto. He was formally attached to a couple of workshop classes at the Toronto Cartoonist Workshop(TCW). The most popular being his "Boot Camp" class, which is a well rounded class on creating comics.  As of the fall season of 2012 Templeton has opened up his own school called Ty Templeton's Comic Book Bootcamp.  Ty Templeton also applies his veteran knowledge as project editor in his annual Fit to Print workshop which is a simulated free-lance environment filled with pitches, deadlines and other forms of pressure associated with creating comics in the real world of free-lance.
Ty is currently writing Avenging Spider-man and drawing Ultimate Spider-man TV adaptation. 

 Ty The Guy at the new Silver Snail
 Ty The Guy at the new Silver Snail

 Offering his skills at Nuit Blanche 2012
 Offering his skills at Nuit Blanche 2012

Templeton is a family man. He is often at comic related events with his family, such as the Templeton clan being the first people to shop at the new Silver Snail location in Toronto.   Ty Templeton continues constantly to be highly involved in the Toronto comic culture, from being first to shop at Silver Snail twice to his comic classes he provides.  The comic connection does not end with business, but reaches to the grassroots with Ty offering his service to the 2012 Nuit Blanche StripArt exhibit at The Comic Book Lounge. The Comic Book Lounge being in the same building where he held his comic book classes. StripArt was an exhibit in which Nuit Blanche goers could tell the artist what should be in the next plan of a collective ongoing told story with no cost to the event goer.  He is married to freelance letterer and colorer Keiren Smith.

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