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Ty Lee is a somewhat ditzy and cheerful acrobatist/gymnast from the Fire Nation. While she was growing up she attended an all girls school with her friends Princess Azula and Mai. She joined the circus because she wanted to be noticed and not be a part of a set because she six other sisters that look exactly like her. When with the circus Azula makes her join her in her quest to capture Prince Zuko and his and Azula's Uncle Iroh.

During the series it is shown that their might be some love interest with Sokka. In "The Chase" Ty Lee mentions that he's "kinda cute". Also in "The Crossroads of Destiny" when she is disguised as a Kyoshi warrior and Sokka comes to them she addresses him as "cutie" but tells her that he is involved with Suki. Later when the two fight Ty Lee comments that "it's like we're dancing together".

During the episode, "The Beach", Ty Lee is constantly chased around by boys on Ember Island. Mai later theorizes that she needs all this attention because she had none as a child, as she was one of seven identical siblings. Ty Lee then confirms that was why she joined the circus, to be different.

There is no apparant reason why Ty Lee is constantly happy and chipper, although it could be to forget about being one of seven, and getting no attention. It has been shown that boys are very attracted to Ty Lee and she knows how to get them to like her, telling Azula just to laugh and smile at everything they say.

Ty Lee recently ventured to the Boiling Rock prison with Azula (Mai was already there, so it's thought that she also came with them). When Sokka and Zuko launch they're escape plan, Ty Lee displays incredible acrobatic skills by running up the rope of the gondala they're escaping on, without even the slightest loss of balance. When she and Azula get on top of the gondala, Ty Lee battles Suki, and after a small skirmish, flips down through the gondala and back up and begins fighting again. When the guards are about to cut the rope, she jumps up onto the wire of the gondala and back flips onto the one next to it. When Azula and Ty Lee get back on shore, Azula shouts at Mai who saved Zuko and the others when the line was about to be cut. Just as the two are about to battle, Ty Lee hits Azula in the arms, rendering them useless, and runs to Mai's side, telling her they should go. But, a squadron of guards show up and restrain them, and Azula tells the guards to throw them somewhere where she'll never have to see them again, and leave them to rot. After the War, she was released from Prison and She became an Official Member of the Kyoshi Warriors, and went to live in Kyoshi Island. She is only the second outsider to be accepted as a Kyoshi Warrior. The first being Sokka.      


First appearing as a character on the animated television show Avatar the Last Airbender, Ty Lee is created by shows creators, Bryan Konietzko and Michael Dante DiMartino. She is voiced by Olivia Hack in the animated series. She is described as being the Avatar version of a Valley Girl. In the comic book format, she first appears in the The Earth Kingdom Chronicles released in 2007. 

Powers and Abilities

Ty Lee is not a bender, however makes up for that skill, with incredible levels of agility, speed, and martial artistry and the incredibly ability and use of chi locking, which can neutralize benders ability to wield their specific form of bending. Ty Lee has been trained/has knowledge of the martial art of Chin Na/Dian Cue/Kyusho-Jitsu. This training/knowledge allows her to dispose of her enemies quickly, only hitting them quickly and softly, hitting their pressure points. Katara once described this as taking her enemies down from the inside. Her knowledge also allows her to block bending abilities, by stopping the way chi flows in a Bender's body.

Ty Lee is an incredible acrobat. She constantly walks on her hands, and displays her prowess all the time, peforming flips and sommersaults. She has even been shown as nimble enough to run across a thin wire extended high above a dengerous voclanic lake and leap between moving objects completely unphased. Ty Lee is an adept climber as well, capable of scaling normally unscalable surfaces and inclines.    


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