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Two-legged Rat is a bad guy that really hates cats. He loves to go on grisly cat-murdering sprees. He wears a rat mask, and is a proficient marksman.   He really enjoys all of the attention from the media, like coverage from the local news on television and headlines like "The Cat-Killer: An Analysis" in the newspaper.  When the local population gets all worked up and starts picketing in protest of Two-legged Rat's heinous actions, that fuels him even more to shoot our feline friends. 


Two-Legged Rat was created by Roger Stern and Steve Ditko in 1988 and first appeared in Speedball # 5.  

Story Arcs

A resident of Springdale named Clyde broke free a number of Speedball's former foes from jail including Sticker, Bug-Eyed Voice, Ghost of Springdale High, Bonehead, Leaper Logan, the Basher, Two-Legged Rat and the Harlequin Hit Man to form the Speedball Revenge Squad. Clyde wanted the squad to capture Niels and Speedball for one of his greatest experiments. Harlequin attempts to shoot Niels the cat, but the feline was protected by the kinetic field surrounding it.  Unfortunately, however, the cat was propelled forward into the Sticker, but the feline was unable to escape. Speedball would come into conflict with the Revenge Squad at the Hammond's Research Center but he was taken out by Clyde's gas gun. Clyde was planning to drain the kinetic energy from Speedball and Niels, but they were able to escape from their shackles.   Niels coughs up a hairball, and the kinetic energy behind it takes down the entire Revenge Squad. Clyde, the Two-Legged Rat, and the rest of the Speedball Revenge Squad was defeated and placed into police custody.

Powers & Ablilities

Two-Legged Rat is a normal human being with exceptional skills as a marksman.  He displays great patience as he snipes off cats from great distances with his rifle.  When confronted in melee, he has proven himself to be a good fighter, having defeated Speedball in unarmed combat on two different occasions in Springdale's Hammond Park.

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