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    Two-Edge is half-elf, half-troll, and at least half-mad. He has a brilliant but tortured mind due to Winnowill's manipulations. He is also one of the main antagonists of the Wolfriders.

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    Two-Edge was created by Wendy and Richard Pini, the creative team behind ElfQuest.


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    A troll named Smelt was sent by the troll King Guttlekraw in search of rock-shapers. Winnowill, of Blue Mountain, came upon him when Smelt was injured during his mission. She brought him to the Mountain fortress and used her magic to nurse him back to health. The two conceived a son. As time passed Smelt grew more impatient about his mission and attempted to capture a rock-shaper from Blue Mountain. He was caught and executed by Winnowill herself as she literally rotted his flesh from his body. Their son, now a young man, witnessed his father's death at his mother's hand. Enraged, he attempted to reveal Winnowill's wickedness to the master of Blue Mountain, Lord Voll. Winnowill intercepted him and imprisoned him in a cage. She would continue to torture him over time, eventually driving him mad.

    He became known as Two-Edge, and was eventually let out of his prison. He remained at Blue Mountain for many years, taunting his mother with riddles and rhymes. Always confused by his own identity, Two-Edge created schemes which pitted elf against troll in vain attempts to see which was more worthy of him. He forged an elf sword named New Moon and hid a key to a secret armory in its pommel. The sword would purposely fall into Bearclaw's hands, then chief of the Wolfriders. Two-Edge then stalked the troll tunnels, remaining out of sight but whispering stories about the armory to one of King Greymung's trolls named Picknose. This led to a confrontation between some of the Wolfriders and the trolls lead by Picknose who were seeking the sword and its secrets. Two-Edge himself was captured by Picknose who forced him to reveal more about his brilliant inventions.

    Master Smith

    The elves have not learned how to forge toolsusing metal, but trade their furs with the trolls in exchange for good weapons. But Two-Edge is the master Smith, even forging Moonblade, Bearclaw's legendary dagger that holds the key to the chambers of Two-Edge's treasure room.

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    In his treasure room were found the greatest works of Two-Edge, whose maddened genius retreated into the caves, with nothing better to do than set booby-traps for other trolls and perfect the technique of metallurgy.

    The trolls, with their oblong noses, and crude sense of mirth, all revere this man as a merchant and purveyor of fortune. He built Grohmul Djun's citadel.

    Two-Edge has no interest in using the weapons he forges, preferring to attack with his smithing hammer.

    Role in elfquest

    Two-Edge managed to escape and wandered for a long time, eventually being discovered by the Go-Backs at the Palace of the High Ones. The kind Ekuar helped to ease much of Two-Edge's madness, and Two-Edge offered to help Rayek find Blue Mountain. Once back at the fortress he was confronted by the Wolfriders who were trying to rescue one of their own from Winnowill's control. Leetah attempted to heal Two-Edge completely, but was only partially successful. Nevertheless, her healing touch helped to awaken his latent ability to express elfin magic, such as their telepathy.

    Battle for the Palace of the High Ones

    He wanders through the labyrinth of the World of Two Moons unhindered, and confronts other creatures with propositions in his game, the magnificent philosophical challenge of knowing which is better: troll or elf? but to him this question is am I my mother (elf) or father (troll).

    Many believed that Two-Edge died during that attack on Blue Mountain as the fortress collapsed, but it has since been revealed that he survived, and has returned to his wandering ways. There are many tales told by elves, trolls and even humans about encounters with Two-Edge over the years. Many insisting that he has imparted some of his inventive genius unto them.

    Recognised to Venka.


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