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Born Aminah Ferrara, the mutant known as Twilight is trained and chosen by Cerebra, and is among those who could have conceivably been the mutant messiah, as prophesied. Soon joining up with X-Nation, she is essential in their battles with Exodus and the Phalanx.


The character of Twilight was created for use in Marvel Comics by Tom Peyer, Warren Ellis and Humberto Ramos. Twilight's first appearance came in 2099: A.D. Genesis #1 which was released in January of 1996. The character's last appearance is in 2099: World of Tomorrow #7 in March of 1997.

Character Evolution

Twilight likes to keep to herself and not much is known about her, even by those close to her or on the same mutant team. She cares for people she doesn't even known, willing to risk her live to save them from harm. In addition she is a very good judge of character and is able to tell when someone isn't being truthful.

Major Story Arcs

2099 A.D. Genesis

Twilight along with the rest of X-Nation
Twilight along with the rest of X-Nation

Charged by President Doom, who learns of a prophecy the mutant Cerebra begins a mission of searching for and training mutants that could possibly fulfill the prophecy and become the mutant messiah, one of those selected is Twilight. Not much is know about Twilight before she is chosen to be trained, and not long after arriving in Halo City she joins the teen team X-Nation. The team is soon attacked by Avian, who wishes to kidnap another member of the X-Nation, Willow, as he believes Willow is in fact the mutant messiah. Avian succeeds in abducting Willow and as a result X-Nation elects to attempt to get her back but Twilight has doubts about the mission but ultimately decides to go after she thinks that Cerebra and Sister Nicholas will experiment on the child.

X-Nation is unsuccessful in rescuing Willow and they find themselves captured as well as their fellow teammate, but eventually all of them manage to escape. However, as X-Nation approaches home to Halo City they find it in ruins and everything obliterated by the Atlantean army. Shortly after this, a newly awakened Exodus tries to obtain new Acolytes out of the X-Nation team but they decline his offer so he brutally beats them all up. Twilight attempts to defeat Exodus using her powers but finds out that he is apparently unaffected by them; subsequently, in retaliation Exodus hits Twilight so hard that he almost kills her but Mademoiselle Strange prevents Willow from dying via her mystic powers.

Following this, what is left of the team is transported by Mademoiselle Strange and they eventually travel to the Savage Land to rebuild society as it's the last inhabitable place remaining on Earth. Twilight teleports herself, December, Metalsmith, and a few others to the planet Mars to see if they can scavenge up anything of worth resource-wise. As the team arrives on the red planet they are attacked by aliens but are able to make it to a base of Ares, where they meet a doctor who tells the team how local children are being kidnapped during the night by aliens that they call The Takers.

During that same night they arrive Twilight appears to have been taken as she disappears, but she later returns by her own power having apparently learned where The Takers come from as well as news that the Phalanx will soon invade planet Earth. The group is unable to agree upon what to do next and two of their members, Twilight and Metalsmith, decide to stay with the Takers on Mars. Unbeknownst to them December also chooses to stay behind but is left on Mars as Twilight and Metalsmith leave Mars with the Takers to board the Phalanx command ship.

In the end the command ship is destroyed by a robot on planet Earth left by Mister Fantastic named Franklin, both Twilight and Metalsmith perish in the ensuing explosion as they were still on board the ship at the time of its destruction.

Powers and Abilities

Born a mutant, Twilight has displayed many abilities, chief among them producing a "sphere" capable of warping reality. This sphere gifts her additional powers such as; flight, telepathy, teleportation, intangibility, manipulation via shrinking, burning, melting, reform, and exploding objects.


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