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    Lenore constantly gives off light which induces fatigue in others while restoring her own life-force. She normally keeps herself fully covered to avoid harming others.

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    Lenore Fenzl who was a senior citizen and originally an high-school latin teacher. After the White Event Lenore's body began generating an omnidirectional white light that drained strength and energy from others. Since then she had lived in a retirement home.

    Lenore's condition began to appear all over her skin. Each day there was more of them. Finally, her entire body was covered and she couldn't hide it anymore.

    as a small rash on her arm and quickly spread to cover her entire body.

    Lenore checked into the Clinic for Paranormal research, where she was placed in the treatment group that would eventually become known as DP7. Lenore left with the group when they fled the Clinic, and remained with them through their period on the run. Lenore, along with everyone on the team except Dave Landers, was eventually captured by bounty hunters and forcibly returned to the clinic. Once back at the clinic the groups' memories were altered and they were brainwashed into remaining.

    Eventually Dave returned to the clinic where he andRandy O'Brien forced out the Overshadow, the mastermind of the clinic, and his staff. Lenore and the others were then freed of Clinic control. Lenore and the rest of the group decided to stay at the clinic and assist it in it's efforts to help paranormals. Lenore took on the role of teacher, leading a class for elementary aged children living at the clinic.

    At this point Lenore began struggling to resist a growing addiction to using her powers. Absorbing the energy from others restored Lenore's youth and vitality while giving her superhuman strength, agility and endurance. It became more and more difficult for Lenore to resist using her powers, culminating when she secretly drained energy from one of her students. Although he was ultimately unharmed the experience shook Lenore and she swore never to never again use her powers. This came as a blow to fellow DP7 member Jeff Walters, who counted on Lenore's powers to counteract his own hyperactive nervous system.

    Lenore hid herself away and refrained from using her powers until a clinic wide riot forced her out of seclusion. In order to prevent more violence she absorbed the energy of everyone involved in the riot, rendering them all unconscious. This massive absorption of energy supercharged Lenore, and she spent most of the next week in intense physical activity to work off the excess power.

    Lenore then traveled with a number of the other DP7 members to the remains of Pittsburg, known as the Pitt, after it was blown up the Starbrand. There Lenore, Charly Beck and Sponge were captured and turned over to the CIA. All three women then became part of the CIA's new paranormal training program. Lenore excelled in the training, developing extensive combat skills and improving her control over her powers. When the CIA sought to expand the team Lenore recruited Stephanie Harrington for the group, offering her protection from the Army's draft of paranormals.

    In the team's first mission they encountered a monstrous paranormal created by exposure to Pitt Juice, the liquified remains of pittsburg. Lenore disapeared in the confrontation and was presumed dead.

    Powers and Abilities

    (Knock Out Flash)

    Every inch of Lenore's body generated an omnidirectional white light which absorbed energy from anyone exposed to it while increasing Lenore's strength, speed and vitality. The generation of this light was involuntary and continous, and Lenore had to remain covered in clothing from head to toe to protect those around her from it's effects.

    Lenore's power affected anyone exposed to the light, regardless of the number of people around her. When Lenore stopped the Clinic riot she absorded the energy of dozens of individuals at once, rendering them all unconscious and supercharging her own phsycial abilities. Only a few individuals demonstrated any ability to resist Lenore's power. Stephanie Harrington and Pittbull were the only individuals who appeared to be completely immune to Lenore's power. Randy O'Brien's Antibodies seemed seemed temporarily resistant to the light's affect, although it eventually overcame them. Finally, the monstrous paranormal the CIA team encountered was slowed but not stopped by exposure to Lenore's power.

    Absorbing energy from others rejuvanated Lenore and increased her strength, speed and endurance, with no indicated upper limit. After absorbing the energy of everyone involved with the Clinic riot Lenore exercised nonstop for days, without sleeping or eating, to burn up the excess energy. Lenore also demonstrated the ability to leap at least 10 feet at a time during that same period.

    Lenore excelled at her CIA training, developing signficant skills in unarmed combat and learning to use her enhanced physical abilities more effectively.

    Lenore was an experienced teacher.


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