Twilight Sword

    Object » Twilight Sword appears in 68 issues.

    The Twilight Sword was made by Surtur and is used as his weapon of destruction.

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    The Sword of Twilight is a vast sword, used by the gigantic fire demon, Surtur. The sword is about half the size of Surtur himself and is capable of cutting entire rifts in dimensions. The sword was forged in the heart of the Burning Galaxy, which in turn resulted from exploding the home galaxy of the Korbinites. Its main purpose is to be lighted by the Eternal Flame and used by Surtur to bring Ragnarok to the gods, and to recreate the universe when the end of time is near. The only people to have ever wielded the sword are Surtur and Ymir. The first Sword was broken by the combined might of Odin and his two brothers ultimately making them use up their energy creating the Odin Force.

    Feats done by the sword:

    1. Destroyed Rainbow bridge.
    2. Taken a hit from Thor's hammer when it was thrown harder then ever before.
    3. Saved Surtur from a blast from Thor that would have ended Surtur's life.
    4. Takes the energy from Beta Ray Bills galaxy to be made, ultimately destroying the galaxy.
    5. Even as a shard it was strong enough to be used by Beta Ray Bill as a sword.
    6. Remakes the universe minus Asgard, according to the will of Morgan Le Fay.
    7. Split Okkara into two entities: Krakoa and Arrako.

    It was briefly in the possession of Hela, and it responded to her worship, conferring upon her its powers in totality, threatening to unbalance the Nine Worlds, prompting Thor to intervene and eventually take the sword from her.

    In Fear Itself, the Sword of Doom had returned to Surtur's hand while he was trapped in Limbo, through the scheming of Loki however, Surtur is returned to the mortal world where he uses the sword to destroy the Serpents Dark Asgard, thus fulfilling the letter of his bargain with Loki, that said Surtur would have Asgard to destroy, but not which Asgard.


    The sword is catalyst for magic energies, increasing it users power and while also act as a shield to prevent from other magic objects from harming it's user to a point. While in the hands of creator, the sword's main ability is to cut through anything he wishes, be it physical objects or the barriers between realities. The blade is destined to be coated in the Eternal Flame granting it higher capabilities; allowing it to bring forth the end Asgard and accomplish many things from cutting into other dimensions, channeling tremendous amount of energy, and cutting through nearly all forms of metals and magic barriers.


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