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A college student, Reece's plan was to graduate, get a job and marry his sweetheart Dolores. Dolores' father was Milton Herth, the head of the science department of Reece's college. During a street shoot-out between members of two rival gangs, Dolores was hit and put in a coma. Reece vowed the crooks would pay for their crime. With the help of Milton Herth, he created devices and weapons that would give him an advantage over the criminals. With a mask and a voice-changing microphone to protect his identity, he became the Twilight Avenger.

Major Story Arcs

The Toughest Contest In The World (Ninja High School #16-17)

The Twilight Avenger was chosen by Mita Celande to fight on the side of the heroes in the Toughest Contest In The World. His first round was against Lord Nemesis. Thanks to a little device made by Professor Gloom, the Twilight Avenger.

Thanks to a pep talk from the Ramen Rider, the heroes were able to defeat the villains in their next round, winning the contest.


The googles in his mask are bulletproof and protect his eyes from the magnesium flare, hidden in the lamp on his chest. The mask also has a built-in gas mask.

He has a gun which can fire either jets of liquified gas or gas grenades with a range of 200 feet.

His belt can hold extra gas canisters and grenades. The dial on the buckle lets him choose from three different gas-mixes.


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