Character » Twelve appears in 16 issues.

    A genetically engineered mutant created to serve as the perfect soldier for the Illuminati.

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    Twelve is one of many prototypes for a new line of fabricated mutant warriors, and was entered into the Street Fighter tournament in order to test its effectiveness in combat. He is considered the ultimate creation of Gill's G-Project - a biological warfare operation overseen by Dr. Kure and Urien after their completion of Necro.

    Powers & Abilities

    A mimetic genetic creation, Twelve is able to assume the forms of other people and can change the shape of any part of his body to fit his needs - such as blades, elongated limbs, etc. Once transformed into another person, Twelve can perfectly mimic their every move. He is also able to turn invisible for short periods of time.

    Although he can copy opponents' taunts and quips, Twelve is only able to express himself in binary code cyphers - or utter the words "target" and "complete." His victory speeches are:

    • 01011.01111 = (KO)
    • 01011.01001.01100.01100 = (KILL)
    • 10000.00001.01001.01110 = (PAIN)
    • 00101.01101.00001.01111 = (LMAO)
    • 00100.00101.00001.10100.01000 = (DEATH)
    • 00101.11010.01010.01111.00010 = (EZ JOB)
    • 00110.01001.01110.01001.10011.01000 = (FINISH)
    • 10100.01000.00101.00101.01110.00100 = (THE END)

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