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About twenty-years ago there was an allegedly unbeatable fighter named Huang. The older he got the more the thought of being defeated angered him. He wanted to pass his skills on to twelve sons, one for each sign of the Chinese Zodiac which he believed in. Sons born in the wrong year and any daughters were instantly killed. Children that met all the criteria were branded and brutally trained. Huang pushed and nurtured hatred which made all of the brothers essentially sociopaths. To ensure Huang would never be beaten, he had them all kill him before their thirteenth birthdays.  

Main Story Arcs 


Birds of Prey

On a mission in Singapore, Black Canary and Ted Grant encounter the Twelve Brothers working for Mr. Tan. Tan has hired the Twelve Brothers to protect his drug business. To prove their "trustworthiness" the leader of the brothers, Rabbit, instructs Canary and Grant to kill a policeman. Posing as Grant's assistant, Dinah puts a sword to Rabbit's throat and accuses him of showing "incredibly bad manners" using his sense of honor against him.  Rabbit immediately apologizes. 
She later challenges Rabbit to a duel which he and his present brothers laugh at.  In the course of the fight she assesses dignity may be his only weakness. When Mr. Tan learns of the duel he is furious and shames Rabbit. Grant and Canary complete their mission and return to Gotham.  
The Bothers are tasked with protecting a massive drug shipment to Gotham which Oracle begs Dinah to stop. Black Canary states that if the brothers are not beaten fair and square with no super powers, they would be honor bound for their blood.  Black Canary has brought along a team of martial artists to stop them. A duel on a pier in Gotham City on the brothers terms so they don't seek retribution. No weapons are used.  
 Showdown in Gotham
 Showdown in Gotham
After a few brothers go down and a couple from Canaries team are down, Lady Blackhawk bombs the shipment from the Aerie One. With their cargo gone Black Canary says it's their last chance to say they remain undefeated. Rabbit calls the battle a draw and shakes Dinah's hand stating that he has a team of creatures even more powerful. Lawyers. The brothers are presumably arrested.  
Black Canaries team:   
The Twelve Brothers: 
  • Rat 
  • Ox 
  • Tiger  
  • Rabbit 
  • Dragon 
  • Snake  
  • Horse 
  • Goat 
  • Monkey 
  • Rooster 
  • Dog  
  • Pig


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