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    Tutinax is a member of the race known as the Deviants, he has the ability to cause fear in others, He is also the strongest Deviant and is known as Tutinax the mountain mover.

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    Considered and spoken of as the physically strongest Deviant, Tutinax have a fearsome reputation even among the Eternals. A walking behemoth, he has clashed with several other powerful foes, including Quasar, Thor and multiple Eternals, including Ransak and Karkas. Approximately a millennium ago, the Eternals Druig, Valkin, Virako, and Ajak, headed to Peru in South America in order to prevent Thor from possibly accidentally releasing a powerful legendary Deviant Dromedan who was in imprisonment there. The thunder god had not  released Dromedan however the selfish and power hungry Druig had his own plans and he would go about unleashing the power Deviant psychic Dromedan. Druig, who had hoped to have used the Deviant as his own weapon. This plan backfired with Dromedan assuming control over Druig as soon as he was unleashed. Needing allies, Dromedan called upon two powerful beings by the names of Thunder and Tutinax, to aid his plans. Opposing the powerful Deviant trio were Thor and the Eternals. Thor managed to defeat his opponent Thunder, but the Deviants struggled against Tutinax, and the conflict was only ended when another Deviant by the name of Zakka teleported Tutinax to the future. At that time Tutinax would go on a rampage of destruction, bringing ruin to New York. Ransak, Karkas and Thena opposing him, the destruction of Zakka's time machine, returning Tutinax to his original time setting.  
    More recently, Tutinax has been serving under the command of the Deviant Kro. Aiding him in rising to power within the Deviant nation, struggling with a genetic plaque rendering males impotent threatening the future of the Deviants.  


    The Deviant Tutinax was created by Jack Kirby and first appears in the Eternals Annual #1. Jack Kirby is the writer and artist of this issue.   

    Major Story Arcs 


    Imprisoned in a mountain, Tutinax is trapped and contained until the Eternal Druig attempts to release Tutinax's master Dromedan. By releasing Dromedan, he ensures Tutinax's release as well, as the powerful Dromedan in turn releases Tutinax. Tutinax would fight and defeat several Eternals before being teleported away from battle.  

    Against Quasar 

    The cosmic hero Quasar fights in an arena against the formidable Tutinax. Beaten by the massive Deviant power house, Quasar is saved when Ransak, who had previously been defeated by Tutinax, recovers and attacks the Deviant with an energy lance.  

    Thor: Deviant Saga

    The Deviant Ereshkigal plots and plans to rise to power with her people the Deviants. She faces opposition from the Deviant Kro, who is employing Tutinax to do his heavy work and serve as his enforcer. Tutinax has several clashes with the thunder god Thor, with Tutinax seeming to gather the upper hand at times. With Kro activating a doomsday weapon, Thor must save reality by neutralizing it. After this event it is unknown what has happened to Tutinax.    

    Powers and Abilities

    Tutinax is incredibly strong with strength that enables him to lift an incredible but unknown amount. As so far there is no known limit to his strength. Tutinax's strength range allows him to lift in excess of 100 tons. Tutinax is extremely durable and resilient. Tutinax also has some psychic abilities, that allowed him to find fear in his opponents and create illusions designed to exploit that fear. Tutinax is a skilled, trained and aggressive physical fighter.       
    Physical Characteristics 
    Height: 15'
    Weight: 2500 lbs
    Hair: Unrevealed
    Eyes: Red

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