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    A foe of Jay Garrick and the first foe of Barry Allen.

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    The first Turtle makes his debut in All-Flash #21 against Jay Garrick, the Golden Age Flash. The Turtle was a slow-talking, slow moving criminal who decided that, ironically, moving slowly was the way to cope with the super-speed of the Flash. The Turtle believed that the Flash was unable to slow down, turn or stop quickly once he was running at super-speed. He tried to take advantage of this presumed liability in committing his crimes. Nonetheless, the Flash succeeded in capturing the Turtle. Later, the Turtle adopted a turtle-like costume which he wore when battling the Flash.

    In Showcase #4, the debut of Barry Allen, the Silver Age Flash, is also the debut of the second Turtle and Allen's first foe. This criminal originally dressed normally and called himself the Turtle Man. He based his slowness trademark in committing crimes on his own slow movements and speech. Once, he robbed a bank in Central City and people searched outside the bank for him, assuming he had fled the scene. He hid inside the bank and slowly made his escape once the coast was clear. However, on this same occasion, he had the misfortune of being captured by the Flash.

    After being paroled from jail, the Turtle Man inherited a fortune. He used this fortune to devise and construct advanced technology which he has employed in subsequent crimes. He changed his alias to the Turtle and wears a costume resembling a turtle shell. He didn't have a need for money but stole for the excitement with the Flash as an opponent.

    In recent years, the first Turtle returns with the second Turtle as his ally in an attempt to take over Keystone City from underground. A lab accident critically injures the second Turtle, appearing to cripple him. Later, Wally West, the third Flash, and his allies find the Turtles' underground headquarters which results in a battle that destroys the headquarters. The first Turtle is seemingly killed while the second Turtle is taken into custody.

    Major Story Arcs

    The Secret of Barry Allen

    For more information see: The Flash #213 - Slow Motion

    When Superman and Wally West raced past Iron Heights, there super speed gave Turtle the "jump start" he needed and he learned how to steal other objects kinetic energy. He soon escapes Iron Heights and goes for a stroll through downtown Central City, stealing every things kinetic energy making it appear time has stopped. It doesn't take long before Wally finds him and the two fight. Turtle reveals he can steal the energy and give it back forcing Wally to speed up uncontrollably.

    Wally soon defeats Turtle by trapping him under tar, and returns the villain to Iron Heights.

    Equipment and Paraphernalia

    The Turtle is so slow-moving and out of condition that he is an extremely poor hand-to-hand combatant. The first Turtle is a good but not brilliant criminal strategist, while the second Turtle has considerable talent as an inventor of advanced technology. The second Turtle wears a device that enables him to project a force field around him which can stop bullets. He calls this his invisible brake shield.

    The shell he wears as part of his costume serves as body armor and can expand to cover and protect his head. It also contains jets which he can activate to fire the entire shell at an enemy as a large projectile. He also has a ray device that causes people to move slowly and a slow laser device that affects a victim's optic nerves so that things will seem to move at super-speed.

    Other Media

    Justice League Unlimited

     Turtle in Justice League Unlimited.
    Turtle in Justice League Unlimited.

    Turtle appears in Justice League Unlimited episode ''Flash and Substance'' entering a bar before Flash's enemies attack the Flash Museum. In this episode, a statue of Turtle can also be seen in the background during the battle.

    The Flash

    The Turtle appears in The Flash as a villain that not even Barry Allen was aware of. Cisco has been keeping tabs on Turtle's many heists. Flash finally faces off with Turtle because his ability to slow time may be able to stop Zoom.


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