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    A Saiyan warrior turned rogue space pirate, competing with Frieza's organization. He is the antagonist of the third DBZ movie, Tree of Might. Although he has the same hairdo as Bardock and Kakarot he is not related to their family.

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    Turles is a saiyan who conquers worlds by using the Tree of Might. Turles and his band of saiyan warriors would find planets capable of growing the Tree of Might and become immensely powerful by eating it's fruit. Turles greatly resembles Goku and is initially mistaken for him by Goku's friends. Unlike Goku, Turles is an unrelenting and savage fighter. Turles is defeated and killed by Goku during the events of the Dragon Ball Z movie Tree of Might.

    POWERS & Abilities:

    Ki Manipulation

    Adaptive: Get's stronger if recovered from injury. All Saiyans have this ability.


    Ki Blasts

    Energy Manipulation

    Energy Shield

    Energy-Enhanced Strike


    Force Field


    Can turn into a Great Ape under a full moon.

    Super Speed mach 4

    Super Strength 60 tons. And can increase strength by tree of might


    Unarmed Combat

    Experienced Fighter


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