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Original Armor
Original Armor

Michiko Musashi was a former member of the New Warriors. It was originally Mike Jeffries who found the Turbo suit previously worn by another Torpedo. He agreed to share it with Michiko Musashi, and together they where both Turbo. Later on, only Michiko became wherer of the suit since it seemed that Jefferies was killed by the Dire Wraith Queen, Volx. She has proven to be its most adept user yet, unlocking many abilities of the armor unexplored by other users. Her extensive training in aerobatic maneuvers make her a superb combatant in aerial fights. The armor allows her to fly at great speed, c. 5000 miles per hour. She can maintain top speed for six hours without stopping to refuel her armor. The turbines in her suit can also create gusts of high-speed wind. Her wide-angle wind-blasts can reach speeds of 50 miles per hour, while more concentrated blasts can hit a target with speeds of 100 miles per hour. She has also managed to release a series of blasts at increasing speeds, hitting targets with persistent concussive force. She has used her speed to strike targets with her armored fists, using force reaching to the equivalent strength level of a being able to lift c. 100 tons. In other words she can throw a punch to the level of Thor. Her turbines can switch function in mid-air and start drawing objects to her when needed. She has minor abilities to affect the weather, creating cyclones and waterspouts. She mostly avoids using them as they tend to have unpredicted effects. She is able to reconfigure the shape and coloration of her armor at will but not its basic functions.

Michiko is also an investigative journalist. She is highly intelligent and her resourcefulness in combat situations has proven a super power in its own right. Michiko speaks English and Spanish as primary languages.

Turbo has recently founded a former super hero support group in L.A. called Excelsior.


Turbo first appeared in "New Warriors" vol. 1 #28 (October, 1992); she was created by Evan Skolnick, Dwight Coye and James Brock. Michiko was one of a series of users of the Torpedo armor worn by Brock Jones.

Equipment and Weapons

Current Armor
Current Armor

At regular speeds, Turbo can lift c. 20 tons. The suit automatically operates a force-field protecting her from friction and various energy attacks. The duration of its effects were not determined. It has withstood lasers and microwave attacks among others. The suit can absorb hard radiation and dissipate it with no adverse effects. While the force field can withstand most energy attacks, bladed weapons thrown with sufficient force have been able to penetrate it.

The armor contains a tracking system, tracing the energy signatures of specific targets. Due to the designs of its creator, the armor can locate and recognize Dire Wraiths regardless of the form the shape-shifters have adopted. Uncertain if it can be used against other shape-shifters.

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