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"Yezdigerd, king of Turan, was the mightiest monarch in the world. In his palace in the great port city of Aghrapur was heaped the plunder of empires. His fleets of purple-sailed war galleys had made Vilayet an Hyrkanian lake. The dark-skinned people of Zamora paid him tribute, as did the eastern provinces of Koth. The Shemites bowed to his rule as far west as Shushan. (...) His gilt-helmeted swordsmen had trampled hosts under their horses' hoofs, and walled cities went up in flames at his command. In the glutted slave markets of Aghrapur, Sultanapur, Khawarizm, Shapur and Khorusun, women were sold for three small silver coins -- blond Brythunians, tawny Stygians, dark-haired Zamorians, ebon Kushites, olive-skinned Shemites."

Robert E. Howard: "The Devil In Iron"


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Also called the Sunrise Empire, Turan is a nation with lands first extending only along the western reaches of the Vilayet Sea, but eventually stretching westward over the steppes and desert, reaching the border of Zamora by the time of Conan's reign.

Turan was the wealthiest realm west of Khitai, with the possible exception of Vendhya. It had many ports along the Eastern and western shores of the Vilayet and was mistress of the inland sea. Its capital, Aghrapur, had a huge, magnificent palace called the Sunrise Court.

The ambitious Turanians (often calling themselves Hyrkanians, after their ancient race) made forays in all directions as they attempted to enlarge their empire. They had usurped most of the important caravan cities of the Eastern Desert by Conan's time, crowded the eastern frontier of Zamora, taken over the caravan route to the Far East with the assistance of their kinsmen, the Hyrkanians of the far eastern steppe, and even invaded Vendhya. Their strongest monarch, Yezdigerd, exacted tribute from eastern Shem and Brythunia and fought successful battles with the armies of Hyperborea and Stygia.

Inhabited by the Hyrkanian race — dark and generally tall and slender.

Between the inland sea and the eastern borders of the native western kingdoms lie vast expanses of steppes and in the extreme north and extreme south, deserts.

Noted for bandits. Powerful Turanian bow kills at five hundred paces.

Women wear veils. Silk is very common here, and it is worn by all classes of people from nobles and soldiers to commoners and slaves.

Slavery is very common in Turan. Some of the largest slave markets in all the world exist here.

NOTE: In many ways Turan is analogous to an amalgamation of the ancient Persian Empire and the medieval Ottoman Empire.


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