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    Tunnel Rat is G.I. Joe's EOD specialist.

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    Tunnel Rat was created for the Hasbro G.I. Joe toy line in 1987. His story and character were written by Larry Hama in Marvel's series G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero. Nicky Lee's looks are based on Larry Hama.



    Tunnel Rat is the code name for Nicky Lee. Tunnel Rat is of Trinidad/Chinese heritage, but his bloodline also boasts traces of Irish, Spanish and Indian. Born and bred in the streets of Brooklyn, New York, Nicky left civilian life behind and enlisted in the United States Army where he underwent Ranger training at Fort Benning. As an explosives ordnance disposal specialist he went on countless secret missions before joining the G.I. Joe team. He holds the rank of sergeant E-5. His primary MOS is Explosive Ordinance Disposal (EOD) and his secondary MOS is Combat Engineer.

    Growing up on the streets of New York, Tunnel Rat got into many street fights against some very tough opponents. He used this as training while growing up and developed excellent hand to hand combat skills that would be valuable in his tunnel missions where there wasn't a lot of room to maneuver.


    Character Evolution

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    A traditionalist, he travels light--as squeezing through tight spaces with heavy artillery is nigh impossible. He enjoys it really. A .45 handgun, a trench knife, and flashlight is all he needs to get any job done. Nicky gained his nickname by volunteering to be point man on tunnel missions. Nicky developed the philosophy "Whatever doesn't kill me, makes me stronger".

    In G.I. Joe: Sigma 6, Tunnel Rat's character is changed to become lazy and will eat anything including live bugs. His equipment is also updated to portable high tech devices but his specialty in infiltration and explosives remains the same.

    Later in G.I. Joe: Resolute, Tunnel Rat is given a cocky attitude and a gung-ho personality.

    Major Story Arcs




    G.I. Joe Season 1

    At the entrance of an ancient temple in Colombia, Beach Head and Tripwire are prevented from escaping by a group of local Colombian narco-terrorists. Beach Head and Tripwire were left behind as a rear guard as Scarlett lead her team out of the area with the captured Senator they have just successfully rescued from the same nacro-terrorists hunting Beach Head & Tripwire.

    Tripwire on his first mission as a Joe sets up a camera with a digital viewing device so they can see around the corner as the soldiers approach. They quickly pop out take out two of the soldiers trying to sneak up on them. Beach Head then takes out another with an RPG, the RPG fires as the man is dying and lands in the middle of a group of the soldiers killing several them.

    With no back up and more Colombian soldiers arriving they try to hold there position. Beach Head makes a reference to his amnesia as they decide they have to go into the temple because the numbers are getting to big and the ammo is getting to low. And then the camera is shot and the decision is made for them. They go in.

    In the mess hall of The Pit, Dial Tone interrupts Tunnel Rat's meal. He is needed in the intel department to help guide Beach Head and Tripwire out of the mess they are walking into. Tunnel Rat is an underground specialist and has a broad range of knowledge and experience regarding these type of temples.

    By communicator, Tunnel Rat asks Beach Head about the icons he sees on the wall. Tunnel Rat judges from the description of the figures that the temple is an Olmec one, the Jaguar People. These type of temples were built with drainage tunnels and Beach Head and Tripwire have to go deeper into the temple in order to escape. Tripwire leaves behind a claymore mine with a trip wire for the soldiers attacking them.

    Beach Head has the only night vision goggles and he leads. After cutting through cobwebs and coming to "T" shaped shaft. Tunnel Rat flips a coin and tells Beach Head to go right which the tunnel has downward slope. Dial Tone is able to bring up a holographic display of the temple as Tunnel Rat guides them further down. Tripwire's claymore mine blows up killing several more of the soldiers.

    Tripwire asks Beach Head for his cell phone, which he hands over but is curious why. Tripwire calls himself and in the distance a phone is heard ringing. The narco-terrorists hear it also and head straight for the ringing. Once they arrive to find the phone sitting in a big open space. One of narco-terrorists steps on a trapdoor step which causes two of them to fall into a pit. Beach Head leading runs into a hole in the floor where with his night vision goggles is able to see a good drop spot and jumps in. Tripwire follows but can't see the landing, Beach Head is there to grab him. But the narco-terrorists arrive above them and fire down at them. Beach Head kills two with his shotgun as Tripwire drops down further. They lose the signal and Tunnel Rat, but before it went dead, they heard Tunnel Rat's advice of "Find the water, follow the water."

    A hip high level of water is flowing into a broken apart part of the wall as they dodge gun fire, they are forced to swim deeper into the temple. Both of the Joes are able to surface farther down the shaft but the narco-terrorists are afraid to follow and turn around to head for the surface. They both take a huge deep breath and let the current taken them out of the temple. They surface at the base of a waterfall.

    In The Pit, Tunnel Rat closes his books and Dial Tone turns away from her computer two Joes have just been saved. She books flights out for them on the next plane in the nearest airport.

    In the base of temple the narco-terrorists are lost and the water is rising.

    G.I. Joe Season 2: Cobra Civil War

    Tunnel Rat is part of a small team of Joes (Team Alpa) hiding in the seemingly abandoned Cobra stronghold of Springfield. A Battle Android Trooper (BAT) attacks, killing Crankcase and severely injuring Ripcord. Tunnel Rat and Tripwire both open fire on the BAT. Tripwire has a direct hit on it with a high explosive round. But the BAT gets right back up and continues to advance at them. Tunnel Rat is shot in the leg and Flint grabs him and drags him back to the Cobra stronghold. A bomb strike destroys the BAT, while a medic rushes to give Ripcord aid.

    G.I. Joe Season 3

    Roadblock, Quick Kick and Tunnel Rat are pinned down as Cobra forces including WORMS and MAGGOT attack them. Laying in the between the forces is Shipwreck shot and bleeding out. • Hours Earlier: On Governors Island of the coast of New York City, General Colton is giving a speech to a group of dignitaries including the Mayor of New York City. Where he is announcing publicly the presence of Joint Services Special Counterterrorist Group called GI Joe. He then introduces Field Commander Duke. The press interrupt with questions asking if its true that Joe Colton will be running for President, has he spoken to his old Adventure Team members and Senator Perez’s comments that GI Joe will increase the risk of terrorist activity. Colton deflects the comments as Duke steps up to the podium to make his speech. Later Colton and Duke are walking away for the press event into the Joe headquarters Colton tells Duke his first public mission is chosen for maximum media impact. In Warrenton, Ohio Cobra troops have been spotted. It is believed to be Cobra’s first incursion on US soil and the Joes are going to stop them. Colton shows Duke his media friendly chosen team Cover Girl, Doc (Carla Greer), Quick Kick, Roadblock, Shipwreck and Tunnel Rat. Duke’s response is that he would trust his life with any of them, they should be enough to stop Cobra. Colton then tells Duke that he has another member of his team he doesn’t know that is sent from the Pentagon.

    Duke expresses his concern about being public. GI Joe has been a super secret organization until Cobra went public exposing GI Joe, its budget and activities. General Colton has turned that exposure around and gone the opposite direction embracing the public attention by using the press and Duke’s team an increased budget, even making GI Joe toys.

    In the staging area, Shipwreck wearing his traditional look is complaining to Duke about wearing it. The Department of Defense has crafted each members look for maximum public affair awareness. Duke screams at him to stop complaining and load up. Shipwreck asks if he gets to keep his “bird” P.O.L.L.I. or the Personal Operations Logistics Liaison Intelligence.

    Also , loading up is Carla Greer aka daughter of Carl Greer the traditional Joes Doc. He is talking to his daughter giving her some field advice. Duke approaches the plane as Cover Girl confronts him about talking about what happen last night. Duke brushes off the question and introduces her to the newest Joe member Hashtag, their embedded blogger journalist. Cover Girl and Duke both agree that having a blogger with them is the single dumbest they could do on a mission.

    Hashtag is excited to meet Specialist Krieger because she watched the season of Project Runway that Courtney was on when she was a model, pre-GI Joe. As the rest of the team boards the plane, Hashtag introduces herself and asks Tunnel Rat if he was the one who discovered the bunker of President Al-Alawi. Hashtag is tweeting as she goes, her blog is and she is the daughter of Ranger currently in ROTC studying journalism at Fordham. Windmill piloting the Skystorm takes off flying over NYC and getting the attention of the people on the street. As they approach Warrenton, Ohio, the Skystorm switches to VTOL mode to land when a Cobra MAGGOT appears firing at them. The plane is hit and crashes into a building. The Joes are able to escape as the Cobra WORMS approach already firing at them. Shipwreck is shot. Roadblock, Tunnel Rat and Quick Kick are pinned down as they look at Shipwreck bleeding out. POLLY appears having scanned the battlefield as displays the area. Tunnel Rat sees a way to get to Shipwreck. So Quick Kick and Roadblock give him cover as he makes his way to Shipwreck. They are able to shoot or stab most of the WORMS clearing the way. Tunnel Rat gets to Shipwreck who is weak and starts first aid. They can’t connect to Duke, Cover Girl, Doc or Hashtag through the coms and Quick Kick spots the dead Windmill. They go to retrieve his body when a large group of armed citizens comes around the corner, their leader is Mr. Mayor and he is in communication with Cobra and getting active intell on the Joes whereabouts. Cover Girl with Hashtag and an injured Doc she the citizen group from across the street from where Roadblock, Quick Kick and Tunnel Rat are attending to Shipwreck and Windmill. Duke has been captured. He hears the words “General Joe made you famous. I am going to make infamous.” He looks up to see the Baroness standing in front of him with a camera on tripod.

    The Baroness with her camera is filming Duke as he sits tied up. She explains how Cobra took over an American city.

    Darklon with several Iron Grenadiers walk in on a business meeting, then the business leaders are shown hooded and tied. Firefly walks into a police station and sets the whole place on fire burning several police officers. Croc Master walks into the office of a politician with his crocodiles who attack the politician. The Baroness herself with a squad of WORMS attack a group of criminals, she directly executes the last one alive. She believes that by killing off the business leaders, politicians and criminals it allows the average citizen to prosper and she shows him a video of crowd cheering for Cobra.

    She is standing next a big sign that says “ I “Duke” allowed my loved ones to believe I was dead in order to become a so-called “Real American Hero.” I lied to my family and friends and the government expects you to trust me? “ This is what he is supposed to say to the camera but of course he doesn’t, so she has his WORMS guards drag him away.

    In a computer center, Destro is watching a live feed of a fake GI Joe attack on Warrenton, Ohio that is showing the capture of the Baroness. This is what is being sent out into the world and what General Colton is watching at the GI Joe base. It’s a fake they filmed in advance. Now she ties Duke to table asks him for the password that so she can send the all clear signal to General Colton. Dr. Mindbender appears on a screen as the interrogation begins.

    Out on the street, a large mob of citizens is chasing Quick Kick, Tunnel Rat and Roadblock, who is carrying the injured Shipwreck. Roadblock fires over their heads slowing them down. Quick Kick kills a WORM who is guiding the mob , Tunnel Rat causes a gas line to explode giving them enough cover to escape into a junkyard. Tunnel Rat operates POLLI (Personal Operations Logistics Liaison Intelligence) a surveillance drone that shows them that they were set up. Cobra lured them into Warrenton as way to discredit them.

    In a basement, Cover Girl, Doc (Carla Greer) and new Joe member Hashtag are hiding as they see Tunnel Rat’s gas line explosion. Hashtag in her rookie, blogger role gives away their position thinking it will help in calling for back up. Cover Girl grabs the phone and smashes it as the citizens lead by Cobra WORMS start to surround the building. Doc has to stop Cover Girl from punching Hashtag. Doc’s arm is injured from the plane crash, so Cover Girl gives the second gun to Hashtag, who declines to accept it cause she doesn’t believe in guns. All three run up the stairs as the mob moves into the basement. Cover Girl sends the two on up as she falls behind. She kills one of the Cobra WORMS and stabs a citizen but not a deadly one. She uses a fire extinguisher to create a distraction as she fights numerous citizens. A huge guy punches her in the nose breaking it and she bleeds and she is pissed off now. She quickly incapacities the big guy but she is hurt. When another guy hits her with a taser, knocking her out, he ties her up tells her he is taking her to the Baroness.

    Hashtag comes around the corner holding Doc’s gun. She tells the guy to freeze and release her, when he turns his gun on her she kills him. Barely able to speak Cover Girl tells her she did good.

    POLLI flies over a mall and crashes to the ground. Tunnel Rat makes the connection that the mall is the center of Cobra communication. Roadblock suggests they go visit them.

    The Joe team rushes in firing at Cobra’s as the Baroness rushes away from her interrogation of Duke. They free him and they all repeatedly ask him to give the all clear code. He is confused and refuses.

    Duke, who is actually strapped to table dreaming, is in a Dr. Mindbender designed system that interrogates the prisoner and monitors all kinds of bodily functions as he thinks he is in a real life situation. Dr. Mindbender’s assessment of Duke is that he is unbreakable. The Baroness laughs at him, saying she can get the information within the hour or put a bullet in his brain. Dr. Mindbender asks if she can put the bullet in his heart, so his brain can be studied. She laughs again.

    A pre-teen Duke in the Ozark Mobile Home Park in Arnold, Arkansas is playing with the 12 inch GI Joe of the Adventure Team named Joe Colton. Who in the middle of his play time asks him for the counter-sign. Duke is just confused why his toy is talking.

    A teenaged Duke is mad that he didn’t get the recommendation to go to West Point, his girlfriend Connie, who has never seen him so upset, gives him a hug happy that he will be staying around her now. The West Point recommendation was given to guy name “Monk” who is a town orphan.

    In the Phase I: Special Forces Assessment and Selection Course in North Carolina, Duke is rushing through woods concerned about being an officer. In Phase II: Language Training in Arabic, Duke is studying hard as his female teacher asks the class to read a poem she put on the board. Duke is able to say the poem and she is impressed. Phase III: Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape, Duke is being waterboarded and they are asking for the counter sign or the all clear, his response is to start singing. Phase IV: Q Course MOS Specific Training and Phase V: Robin Sage Culmination Course, Duke is dating and having sex with his Arabic language teacher, Aisha Ismat. Phase VI: Q Course Graduation, General Colton is giving a speech to Duke who has just graduated about defending America and passing the skills of highly trained soldiers onto the next generation.

    Now living with Ms. Ismat, Duke is being sent off to fight against her people and she wants Duke to decline the assignment to Trucial. He refuses to engage her in an argument, she even hits him in the head with a lamp, but he just walks out the door not saying another word.

    At the US Army Special Forces / Trucial National Army joint training camp “Saladin”, Duke is the Drill Sergeant speaking Arabic as he yells at the training recruits. Another soldier walks up to him telling him his translator has arrived, it’s his girlfriend Ms. Ismat. Her own request for a transfer was accepted by General Flagg. Later in a Humvee, Duke and Ismat are talking about how Duke has so little emotions, it’s a concern of hers and he just dismisses it but hates how she distracts him. A missile comes flying in exploding right next to the Humvee, it flips it over. Duke is slightly injured and insurgents come rushing at the Humvee, Duke is a one man army and kills them all. Major Bludd is watching from above through his binoculars. Inside a room Duke with his arm in sling is being quizzed by Hawk about the events that happened after the explosions. This interview is the moment where Hawk asks Conrad Hauser to give up his identity, declare himself deceased and join GI Joe and become Duke. He agrees.

    North Shore Hospital, Oyster Bay, Long Island, New York, Duke is talking to a doctor about Aisha and her treatment, during the explosion she a received brain injury that has severely impaired her cognitive abilities. The doctor, who is actually Dr. Mindbender, proposes a radical treatment, but first Duke has to give him the counter-sign.

    Still strapped in the brainwave scanner, Duke says “To Topaz”, all the previous events where memories played out through the Brainwave Scanner. The Baroness and Dr. Mindbender believe it to be the counter-sign that Duke would send to the Joe team regarding the all clear, which will be an actual trap for the incoming Joes.

    At Fort Jay, the public GI Joe headquarters on Governor’s Island in New York, General Colton receives the Topaz all clear message from Duke. A DOD specialist is all excited that the Joes have completed their first public mission successfully and wants to send in the press for publicity.

    The Baroness is about to shoot Duke in the chest, but Dr. Mindbender talks her out of shooting him, she walks away saying “I’ll go get my combat knife and bleed him out.”

    As the DOD specialist leaves, General Colton admits to an assistant that Topaz was a recording hemade for the toys of him. And Topaz was the codeword for ambush.

    Using POLLI (Personal Operations Logistics Liaison Intelligence), Shipwreck’s bird, Tunnel Rat has found the injured Doc (Carla Greer) just as Hashtag drags the also injured Cover Girl to the roof having just escaped a civilian mob and Cobra soldiers.

    Tunnel Rat informs Doc that Shipwreck is in serious condition and needs aid right away. He tells them to follow POLLI over the rooftops.

    Hashtag having just killed her first person in order to save Cover Girl is now on mission to expose Cobra. Down below many members of the civilian mob are standing around the guy Hashtag killed, he was the Mayor of the city and killed with only Tazer, no real gun. They believe he was gun downed in cold blood. Deputy Mayor Tim takes charge and now they all believe GI Joe is the enemy not Cobra. He looks at a map and decides that the Joes must be hiding in scrap yard which is exactly where Roadblock, Tunnel Rat, Quick Kick and the injured Shipwreck are waiting for Doc.

    With the Joes reunited, Roadblock wants to lead half of them to attack a mall which they believe is the transmitter station that is blocking their communication but Doc, who has a broken right arm, needs assistance helping save Shipwreck. In Duke’s absence, Roadblock is field commander, so he makes a decision to split the team, Quick Kick will stay with Doc to help with the surgery, protect them and rest will go to the mall.

    Later inside the mall, a Cobra Viper checks in all clear then Roadblock grabs him from behind and breaks his neck, Cover Girl steals the gun and ammo.

    Quick Kick is cutting Shipwreck open to discover the shrapnel from the plane wreck, Doc stops the bleeding as he pulls it out, then Doc begins to stitch him back together. Outside the scrap yard several Cobra Vipers appear.

    In the mall, the Joes discover that Cobra is holding lots of the citizens in an ice rink under guard from the Vipers. Roadblock sends the Joes in different directions to take out the different Viper guards. Hashtag is told to stay where she is undercover.

    The Cobra Vipers surround Doc and Quick Kick before they are able to finish stitching Shipwreck. Cover Girl snipes two Vipers as Tunnel Rat kills two others

    In the mall, Roadblock knocks out two more Vipers. Inside another room in the mall, the Baroness has just walked away from Duke as Dr. Mindbender, watching from a monitor, continues to subject him to the Brainwave Scanner. Destro calls her to inform her that the Ohio National Guard has been actived and is on the way to Warrenton as well a squad of GI Joe. There plan to surprise attack GI Joe failed, Duke was able to trick them into believing he gave them the right code for the all clear. Hashtag gets the drop on the deadly Baroness.

    Doc and Quick Kick are on the ground and the Vipers hear a report about the fighting at the mall and are ordered to execute them. They are all gunned down by Shipwreck who then passes back out.

    Cover Girl discovers the captured Duke and releases him. In his confused state he attacks Cover Girl saying “What have you bastards done to Aisha?” She hits him in the head with her rifle. They are in a hurry to escape but she wants to know who Aisha is but later. Duke informs Cover Girl that Cobra has the entire town wired to explode in order to cover their tracks.

    Roadblock and Tunnel Rat have discovered some explosives as they head to the roof to blow up the transmitter. Standing the way is Croc Master with three of his crocodiles. Roadblock stays to fight as Tunnel Rat continues to the roof where he runs into Scrap Iron waiting to blow up the town.

    The Baroness is being held at gun point by Hashtag as she asks her about how Cobra was able to turn the citizens of Warrenton, Ohio against its own government and leaders. She points out that most don’t believe the government in the first place and its easy since most people want to be told what to do. And she laughs as she says “The question is not how we did it here. The real question is how long will it take us to do it to the rest of the United States?” She then points out to Hashtag that she knows she has an empty clip and spins knocking her down having successfully tricked her as she was distracted. She grabs Hashtag’s gun and just shoots her.

    Roadblock is fighting with Croc Master’s three crocodiles that have bitten into his legs. He pulls his pistol, fires into a pipe which releases steam directly onto the crocodiles injuring them which also injuries Croc Master, who now really mad attacks Roadblock directly. They begin a fist fight which leaves both bleeding and bruised.

    On the roof, Tunnel Rat has come upon a heavy armored and covered in explosives Scrap Iron. He has wired the entire town to blow up and is waiting for the orders to pull the trigger. Tunnel Rat gets on his knees and puts his arms behind his head. On his back is a Electric Magnetic Pulse (EMP) grenade which he throws at Scrap Iron. The pulse shorts out all of his triggers for the explosives and Tunnel Rat attacks.

    The Baroness has shot Hashtag in the leg, she taunts her by pointing out that the US government has sent her out to her death. Bullets come flying past the Baroness as Cover Girl and Duke come rushing to Hashtag’s aid. She takes off running as they reach Hashtag. As she runs away she pulls out her own trigger for the explosives.

    Tunnel Rat quickly gets the better of Scrap Iron but he laughs pointing out there is another trigger and continues to laugh at him .

    Wild Bill is flying in a convoy of XH- 1 Dragonfies, who have just arrived over Warrenton, when a massive explosion erupts all over the town.

    The explosion blows Tunnel Rat and Scrap Iron off the roof, Roadblock and Croc Master apart and Cover Girl and Duke off their feet as they cover Hashtag to protect her.

    Tunnel Rat recovers first and gets back to the roof and fires Scrap Iron’s missile launcher at the communications array which has been blocking their transmissions.

    Immediately, the Joes check in with each other and Wild Bill. Doc (Carla Greer), Quick Kick and the injured Shipwreck are pinned down by Cobras and the flames of the fires. Roadblock and Tunnel Rat have freed the citizens being held by Cobra and discover a HISS tank, which they believe can be their escape vehicle from the burning city.

    The Baroness races away from the city on a motorcycle as Cobra Commander calls telling her that the mission is only partly successfully and that he won’t punish her but he also can’t give her the promotion to the Manhattan Station that she wanted.

    The flames of the city are starting to get out control. Tunnel Rat comes up with an idea to blow apart the abandoned buildings to prevent the spread of the flames, since there are no firemen to help put it out. The citizens are evacuated and Cobra disappears leaving the blame on GI Joe for destroying a town.

    Later, Hashtag is giving her briefing of Cobra’s plot and the fact that America doesn’t believe the governments account of the destruction of the town but her proof can be made public and change the opinion. General Hawk enters the briefing. She is surprised to see her Dad.

    Outside, Cover Girl is quizzing Duke on his time being interrogated by the Baroness when they see Quick Kick and Doc together headed out on date. A soldier in uniform walks up to Duke telling him that she is reporting for duty. Its Corporal Aruna Singh United States Army, aka Hashtag, she informs them that she quit her position as embedded journalist and enlisted in the Army. Her first post is being assigned to the Joint Services Special Counterterrorism Force which is small price for shutting her up on the story of Warrenton, Ohio. She believes in fighting for America and that not everyone can be a hero all of the time but the Army needs to show the word that people can be heroes some of the time. Duke salutes her and tells her to report to Dee-Jay in communications.

    In New York City, Michael “Mad” Monk is reporting in as ordered to Cobra Commander that the New York Station is now fully operational.

    Commander’s House, Governors Island. GI Joe headquarters.

    General Colton is telling the story of Robert Stevens Savage. Savage is one of Colton’s heroes and his inspiration for the Adventure Team. During the war, Savage and his Screaming Eagles ran an operation called “The Notional Mole”. They parachuted radios, codebooks into the occupied territories and broadcast secret fake messages. The program work so well that General Blitz of the Iron Army ended up executing half of his high command in his paranoia of traitors. Roadblock has been listening but presses to begin an investigation of information leaks within GI Joe. Colton believes it would cause more damage than good and declines to begin the investigation.

    Scottish Highlands

    The Baroness arrives on a motorcycle as she walks past an Iron Grenadier she begins to take off her clothing, revealing underneath a very sexy red dress. Destro meets her in the lobby of the Castle, compliments her on her looks and offers to take her to dinner.

    Fort Jay. Governors Island.

    Snake Eyes glides onto a field, removes his glider and turns off his cloaking device to find himself surrounded by Roadblock, Doc (Carla Greer), Cover Girl, Tunnel Rat and Shipwreck. They all attack him, he jumps up in the air kicking Shipwreck, Roadblock grabs his leg throwing him to the ground, but in turn he is pinned by Snake Eyes’ sword. Cover Girl is then thrown into Tunnel Rat. Doc tries to punch Snake Eyes but he grabs her arm and throws a punch at her, stopping just short of her nose and he says “I’ve got your nose. An ancient ninja secret.”

    Duke calls the drill off and Quick Kick removes his Snake Eyes mask. Other than the Joes failure to capture Quick Kick, the stealth glider had its problems but worked. Hashtag calls to Duke telling him he is needed inside.

    She has been monitoring with Dee-Jay using the program Mainframe created to predict possible Cobra actions. They suspect three possible actions in New York City within the next few hours. Duke’s cell phone rings, he walks out to answer it. It is the North Shore Hospice calling him because he is listed as the emergency contact name for Aisha Hauser, his wife. The person actually on the line is Michael “Mad” Monk the leader of New York’s Cobra station. He has taken Aisha out of the hospice. He makes a reference to their knowing each other and begins to lay out what he needs Duke to do to make sure Aisha is safe. First, he can’t inform anyone of this conversation. Second, he can’t actively trace his calls. He confirms that Mainframe’s program called the Threat Matrix is really working. Third of the simulated Cobra actions are real but only one is a serious threat. His reason for the game he wants Duke to see the truth. Monk’s pre-teen daughter comes up to him showing him a picture, he interrupts the call to tell her is it nice but he is on the phone, his wife walks up to escort her away.

    Scottish Highlands, Castle Destro

    The Baroness sitting at the end of a very long table in front of a fire is bored listening to Destro talk as they wait for food. They are discussing recent decisions of Cobra Commander. Destro received all of Dr. Horvath’s Lome Scale test results before Horvath jumped from a 23 story building. (See Origins #20-23). Based on a scale of 1 to 8, it is test that helps Cobra organize its personal (especially the really crazy ones). Basically, if you’re a 5 you command 4’s etc. The Baroness is a 6, Krake, the current Cobra Commander is an 8. But Monk is something very rare, a 1.

    In New York City

    At Michael Monk’s place Aisha is staring out a window as Tara, his wife complains about taking care of her. Monk orders her to take care of her. His wife very reluctantly agrees.

    Castle Destro

    Destro explains that a 1 is rare because he doesn’t really have the ability to lead or inspire because he lacks the capacity for self-deception, he has a death wish that matchs his excellent survival skills. Destro believes Monk has the ability to destroy more than just Cobra, and since Cobra is MARS’s biggest client. Destro needs Cobra to remain stable. He asks the Baroness if she help shake Cobra Commander’s faith in Monk.

    At Joe headquarters, Duke has some coordinates on his phone, Cover Girl and Roadblock look at each other suspecting Duke as Shipwreck confirms the coordinates are in the harbor near the Statue of Liberty.

    Several Cobra planes piloted by BATS are approaching the Statue. Duke rallies the troops to protect the Statue.

    Shipwreck pilots the Killer Whale with Duke, Roadblock, Tunnel Rat and Quick Kick. Cover Girl and Hashtag are left at the base to monitor the fight. In her room, Cover Girl corresponds about Duke’s suspected activity. She needs outside help. And on the other end are Scarlett with Mainframe and her special mission’s team.

    In the Killer WHALE, Doc (Carla Greer) uses a bullhorn to tell Cobra BATS to stop their attack on the Statue of Liberty. Duke orders Roadblock to open fire on them. After several successful hits, Roadblock is amazed that the BATS didn’t go down. Duke then orders Shipwreck to attack; he turns the WHALE knocking Duke off his feet. Shipwreck pulls out a bazooka and blows up the BATS, who are packed with explosives, so they make an even bigger explosion in the harbor. The WHALE opens up with its missiles destroying the last of the BATS and their craft. Duke is distracted after the battle and all the notice it.

    Cobra NYC HQ, location unknown.

    Crystal Ball is floating in a submersion tank giving Michael “Mad” Monk an update on the progress of the Cobra backdoor code called “The One”. This program is running and creating false information that is picked up by the NSA and passed on to GI Joe as if it were real Cobra activity. Monk thanks Crystal Ball, who refuses the thanks but says “I see the future and you are it.” Monk looks down at his pre-teen daughter who is coloring. His wife, Tara, comes up to him telling him she sees through the act.

    Governors Island, NYC, GI Joe HQ.

    Hashtag is briefing the entire Joe team about another possible Cobra attack.

    Scottish Highlands, Castle Destro.

    The Baroness is sleeping as BAT delivers her breakfast, she almost shoots the BAT. After dressing she meets Destro out at his shooting range, where he discusses Cobra Commander’s current use of the BATs in New York City. Destro discovers that several of his sales agents, sold the BATs to Monk off the books. One of those sales agents is launched in the air and Destro shoots him like a clay pigeon. Then the Baroness takes her turn with the next sales agent.

    Randall’s Island, NYC

    Several thugs are getting guns from a dealer and talking about how “The One” and its program is all about declaring war on the heathens. Zandar and Zarana walk up asking for money in exchange for the guns. Duke repels down from above as Quick Kick grabs one of the thugs. Zandar takes off on a motorcycle with his sister on the back. Shipwreck driving an armored car comes up next to them. Zandar hits the stealth button and they disappear.

    Flushing, Queens, NYC

    A young man named Lin, who has burn marks on the left side of his face and left arm. Has finished following “The One’s instruction for building a backpack bomb. His friend Chou helps him put it on. Lin is a recent survivor of the Nanzhao nuclear Cobra attacks. He wants to seek revenge for the damage to his country and himself by being a suicide bomber. He walks out the door. Standing outside are Tunnel Rat and Roadblock, inside Cover Girl breaks through a window and a gunfight breaks out with the Joes killing 3 of “The One” operatives. Lin makes a get away as his friends defend him. Cover Girl discovers a tablet with all kinds of Cobra information. Tunnel Rat tracks Lin to an underground tunnel.

    GI Joe Special Missions HQ, Naval support Facility, Diego Garcia

    Mainframe calls Scarlet in to report on his Duke activities findings. He reports to her that buried in his financials and prior to his joining the Joe team, he has been receiving payments that cover the cost of his wife’s care which are made to him by Colossus World Security, a known Cobra front. Scarlett authorizes Mainframe to monitor all of Duke’s communication and that the next time he leaks information the Special Missions team will take him down.

    Flushing, Queens, NYC.

    Tunnel Rat is tracking a Nanzhao refugee named Lin through a sewer tunnel. Lin’s intention is to be suicide bomber. Above ground Roadblock and Cover Girl are tracking him as they drive. Lin rushes out on foot with the bomb on his back from train tunnel into the station. Lin climbs into the train car as Tunnel Rat jumps on the back. Inside, with his have scarred head and arm, Lin begins ranting and the New York City passengers just ignore him. He pulls out a gun and fires into the ceiling that gets their attention. He grabs a hostage holding his gun to her head. He is waiting for the train to get into the heart of New York City. As the train exits the tunnel, Cover Girl is driving very fast to keep up with the train. Roadblock using the JUMP pack lands on top of the train as Tunnel Rat makes his way from the back to the front.

    Randell’s Island, NYC.

    Shipwreck driving an armored car is tracking Zandar and Zarana, who are on a stealth motorcycle together, by their dust marks they are making. Quick Kick fires the gun and knocks them both off the motorcycle. Duke orders Quick Kick to catch them before they get away. Doc (Carla Greer) radios to Duke asking if his source was right about explosives at the Roosevelt Island tramway. Zandar fires a crossbow arrow at Quick Kick, who is able to dodge it, he hits Zandar in the head with his nunchucks, Zarana attacks with her chainsaw. But he is able to knock her out also. Quick Kick finds a tablet with lots of Cobra data on it.

    Duke receives a call from an unknown number. When he answers, it’s Destro. Destro begins to tell Duke about Michael “Mad” Monk’s position in Cobra and activity plus he reveals that he is based out of an office in the Freedom Tower from a firm called Colossus World Security. This is the first time Duke has heard the name Michael Monk and he recognizes it. Destro walks into the room where the Baroness is reading. She walks up to him and kisses him.

    On the train to NYC

    Roadblock and Tunnel Rat are making their way to the front car. Lin is ranting about injustice and destruction. Cover Girl is racing to keep up when she gets a call from Scarlett informing her that they just traced a call from Destro directly to Duke. She has been investigating Duke’s activity and she has also been semi dating him. She calls Shipwreck on the comms and Shipwreck informs her that Duke disappear after he received a call. Cover Girl gets back to Scarlett telling her with reluctant feelings to bring in Duke.

    Scarlett with her team of Mainframe, Beach Head, Stalker and Tripwire gear up.

    Castle Destro

    Destro and the Baroness are making out as his phone rings, it’s the Mad Monk. They exchange insults as Castle Destro comes under attack from a mix of Cobra soldiers and BATs. The door explodes as they begin to make an escape and in walks Cobra Commander. He wants to know why he would sell out Cobra to GI Joe. They monitored Destro’s call to Duke also.

    At the Freedom Tower in NYC

    Mad Monk calls Duke making a comment about being his brother from another mother and tries to play some more games with Duke. Plus, a reference to a moment at a check point in the Trucial State with insurgents and a disagreement between them. Duke comes busting through the window which reveals him flying the Joe’s stealth glider. Duke is not surprised that Cobra picked up Monk after the Army kicked him out. They begin a fight as Monk just begins to laugh. Then he tells him that his wife is part of any attack.

    On the Roosevelt Island Tramway

    Doc spots Aisha Hauser sitting with a bomb and remote detonator strapped to her chest.

    In flashback

    US Army checkpoint Bravo-Charlie, Disputed Zone, Trucial States, Years ago

    Sheik Daud along with several of his sons walk up to a checkpoint saying they have come to turn themselves in. Michael Monk orders his soldiers to stay aware but stand down. He walks up to Sheik Daud pulls his SAW machine gun and guns down the whole group. He is attacked from behind by another American soldier. Monk feels no remorse, since these men were previously captured then released and in between blew up a convoy. The soldier attacking Monk is Conrad Hauser before he became Duke of the GI Joe team.

    At the Freedom Tower, NYC, Now

    Duke is punching the laughing Michael “Mad” Monk. Monk rambles on about how Conrad’s action got him kicked out of the Army causing him to lose his benefits that he used to care for his sick daughter. The pain it caused him, he drifted until Cobra found him and gave him and his daughter a home. Monk taunts Duke about one of the threats he has promised against New York is about to come true.

    Queens, NYC

    On a train headed into Midtown, Lin, a Nanzhou refugee, who’s half scared from burns, is holding hostages well wearing a backpack bomb. Tunnel Rat rushes in using a tazer that hits the hostage. Roadblock comes from the other side punching Lin knocking him down as he pushes the button. The bomb failed to work. Half conscious he mutters “I followed “The One’s’ instructions to the letter, why didn’t it work?”

    Randell’s Island

    Quick Kick and Shipwreck are wrapping up capturing Zandar and Zarana plus a group of thugs that were part of a gun exchange. Quick Kick is looking over the weapons when he discovers they are fakes. The thugs try to attack Zarana as the local police restrain them; she kicks him in the head. He cries as he says that he failed “The One” and doesn’t understand why the deal failed he followed the instructions exactly as he was told.

    Castle Destro, Scottish Highlands

    Cobra Commander is confronting Destro and the Baroness in his own home after attacking the Castle. Destro tries to convince the Commander that Monk is a cancer that needs to be removed. Cobra Commander points out that Cobra is an idea that Michael Monk embodies. Destro in return points out that MARS, his family company, is a tradition. Cobra needs the MARS’ weapons but it doesn’t need Destro. So he puts the Baroness on the spot asking her which side is she on. She looks at Destro and walks to Cobra Commander’s side. Destro is left on his own.

    On the Roosvelet Island Tramway

    Doc (Carla Greer) is looking at Aisha Hauser, Duke’s wife, who has a bomb strapped to her chest. Doc doesn’t know its Duke’s wife. But as she looks at the bomb the timer starts ticking down, she notices several canisters. Michael Monk’s wife and daughter get in a cab having just dropped off Aisha for the tram.

    At Freedom Tower

    Duke holds Monk down as he spills the set up. Monk made Duke look like a leak, forging years of fake payments, phone calls, etc to the Joe team, so they would be suspicious of him. His actions of framing Duke are revenge.

    Scarlett’s Special Missions team which includes Stalker, Beach Head, Tripwire and Mainframe bust through the windows telling Duke to put his guns away. Monk completely surprised activates his small army of BATs, which bust through the wall. The entire Joe team begins firing at the BATs. Scarlett standing next to Duke tells him about how Cover Girl has been suspicious of him and began an investigation of his actions around the payments to his wife’s care facility.

    In Castle Destro

    Destro stands in front of Cobra Commander as BATs rush in from several doors; the Cobra Vipers open up on them. Destro walks back to an elevator as Cobra Commander escapes from the BATs.

    At the Freedom Tower

    Monk runs out of the broken window grabbing one of the Joes lines, which swing him down into the office below. The BATs renew their attack. Duke shoots one that is coming up behind Scarlett. Monk makes his way to the basement where a cab with his wife and daughter are waiting. He kills the cab driver and takes off with them both.

    On the Roosevelt Island Tramway.

    The clock on Aisha’s bomb is getting close to going off. Doc makes the decision to grab Aisha and the both go out the window into the water below. Shipwreck and Quick kick are down below in the WHALE. As they pull both from the water, Doc explains that the bomb carried an air born bacteria in several canisters with just a few explosives. She removed the vest under water as it explodes causing no damage.

    At Castle Destro

    The Baroness gives some Vipers some orders to chase down some BATs, Destro opens a panel in a wall and she walks in with him giving him a kiss. They escape together and the Baroness makes a joke about getting back at Monk.

    New Mexico, weeks later

    Aisha is staring out a window in a new 24 care home. General Colton helped set it up and Cover Girl has forgiven him. He is happy she will be well. And amazed that they haven’t asked where he got the money from.

    In flashback:

    US Army checkpoint Bravo-Charlie, Disputed Zone, Trucial States, Years ago

    The soldiers are arresting Monk and Duke is trying to save the life of Sheik Daud, since his family was all just killed by Monk, Daud tells Duke a secret just before dying. Later, Duke, on his own, goes to a location where he digs up a huge pile of money, the Sheik’s gift to him for trying to save his life.

    Personal Information

    Grade: Private First Class

    Birthplace: Brooklyn, New York

    Ethnic Background: Chinese American

    Other Media


    Tunnel Rat appeared in several G.I. Joe television series. His first TV series appearance was on G.I. Joe: Sigma 6 and was voiced by Michael Sinterniklaas. His character resembled nothing of the comic book version.

    No Caption Provided

    He later appeared in the G.I. Joe Renegades television series voiced by Matthew Yang King. He is a street-wise infiltration expert, who is right at home in dark places like subway tunnels. Because he knows many natural healing remedies, he ends up becoming the group's medic whenever someone gets hurt.


    Tunnel Rat appeared in G.I. Joe: The Movie as a member of The Rawhides; a group of G.I. Joe rookies who try to run missions on their own through the movie. He was voiced by Laurie Faso. Tunnel Rat also appears in G.I. Joe: Resolute voiced by Eric Bauza. He is also set to appear in the upcoming 2013 live-action movie G.I. Joe: Retaliation played by Eddie Hargitay. Tunnel Rat was also a character in the direct-to-video CGI videos G.I. Joe: Valor vs. Venom and G.I. Joe: Spy Troops.

    Video Games

    Tunnel Rat appears in the G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra video game as a non-playable character.


    Tunnel Rat is a character in the G.I. Joe novel Fool's Gold.


    1987 Tunnel Rat Action Figure
    1987 Tunnel Rat Action Figure

    The first release of the character Tunnel Rat in the Hasbro toy line was in 1987. In 1988, Tunnel Rat was released in a two-pack with Psyche-Out as a member of the Night Force. In 1990, Tunnel Rat was released in the Sonic Fighters set. All characters in this sub-set came with a large back pack that could play four different electronic sounds. He would later be packaged with Flint, Hawk and G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero #76 in a comic combo pack. He was also released in toy lines for the G.I. Joe: Valor vs. Venom and G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra movies.


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