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    A member of the Herculoids, Tundro is a pulp sci fi version of a pachyderm.

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    Igoo is a pulp sci fi version of a pachyderm and member of the Herculoids. The Herculoids was a popular animated Saturday morning television series in the 1960s; though its plots were formulaic and uncomplicated, the series more than made up for it with charm, verve, and creativity!

    The Herculoids is a team of three humans and of five pulp space opera animals each with intelligence at about the level of a 10 year old, all of them residing on the faraway planet Amzot (renamed Quasar for unknown reasons when the series was brought back a decade and a half later).

    Approximately three times the size of an adult human, Tundro has a body similar to a rhinoceras crossed with a triceratops, but he has ten legs instead of four. Tundro's horn is hollow, and he is able to fire explosive energy rocks from it as though it were a rocket laucher or cannon. In addition to this, he is able to rotate his head at tremendous speed to turn his head into a drill, and he can elongate his legs to approximately 40 feet in height.

    Tundro's leader is the human King Zandor. Tundro often fulfills the niche of an irascible pet to the human prince, Dorno.


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