Character » Tumult appears in 9 issues.

    Mysterious Member of the new Euroforce.

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    All-New Marvel Now

    Little or none is know about the origin of the member of the new Euroforce called Tumult.

    She is Spanish and have received her power-glove as a gift from some mysterious benefactor [that she seem to know], but other things about her must yet be discovered.

    While she have incredible devastanting power, she appear to be the least trained member of the team. Anyway, she have shown some friendly rivality with her teammate Swordswoman.

    While in Italy, under the city of Velletri, she and her team came into contact with some members of the Avengers. After some clarification, both groups were surrounded by Morgan le Fay and her army of the dead, and fight her.


    Tumult possess a pair of power-glove wich permit her to discharge incredible ammount of energy, that she usually release on the ground causing large seismic wave. It's not know if that energy can be used for a direct hit instead of a seismic strike.

    Also, is not clear if the whole seismic power came from the gloves or if the gloves only amplify, or permit her to use, some sort of mutant/inhuman power that she may posses.


    The use of power-gloves by Tumult highly remeber one of the original members of the Euroforce, Blue Condor, which used power-gloves to manage her gravity-control powers. Even if that may be a coincidence, it's also possible that is a clear reference, an homage to the original characters [being Blue Condor the first member of the team to die in battle], or also may be a reference to some unknown tie between Tumult and Blue Condor.


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